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Ron Watson (6955) Profile

               y career in the printing industry  During my fifty years in printing, I have been
                started with an apprenticeship    involved in all aspects of the industry, from
                in bookbinding. The company       working, through the union movement,
was one of the largest combined printers and      interviewing new apprentices, middle
bookbinders in West Sussex. This company          management and senior training operative.
produced the “All England Law Reports”. These     I have also been involved with designing
were the concise reports of all the court cases   various improvements to some of the
in England. At the other end of the spectrum,     machinery I have worked on.
there were paperback books of all types. My
apprenticeship was in hand bookbinding,           Throughout my full time employment, I
but I enjoyed the mass production side and        continued to practice the hand binding side
as I moved around the south coast working         of my career at home. This included music
for several companies, I came across various      folders for an orchestra, various private books
methods of binding and production techniques.     and even publications of up to fifty in number.
This ranged from greetings cards, paperbacks,
hard back books and magazines. One particular     After my wife Jean, joined the Society, I
aspect of my apprenticeship was the thorough      became involved in several of the positions
grounding in printing, before I actually started  within the BPS culminating in holding the
on the bookbinding. This is one aspect of the     position of President. After reaching my
modern apprenticeship which is lacking and will   retirement age some years ago, I thought that
therefore prevent young people from having an     would be the end of my involvement, but no,
awareness of the industry as a whole.             I am back on the E.C. and trying to drum up
                                                  advertising for Small Printer.

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