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Lending a learn'ed (print) hand by RonWatson (6955)

       arly February, I received a telephone call    for a video streaming system, so when Jean and
        from a fellow member of the Christchurch     Win used their Adana's, it was shown in real
        U3A I belong to, who threw a serious         time. Win once again stepped into the picture
“curved ball” in my direction. While I had offered   by saying she was able to help here, with a small
to give a talk to the membership at their monthly    video camera and her own projector. She invited
meeting, I was expecting to have around three        us to her home for breakfast two days before
months to prepare. It appeared that the planned      the talk took place and we tried out the method,
February talk was being cancelled, due to the        which was a great success.

illness of the speaker. Rather than try to contact   The day dawned and the three of us, along with
around 1200 members about the problem, I was         Win's husband, Nick, for support and carrying
asked to step in and do my talk instead. Fine, but   things around, met the following Monday
this only gave me four days to contact the other     afternoon and set up two tables. One with two
branch members who had offered to help and to        Adana's and the other with some Small Printer
put ideas down in some sort of order. My talk was    magazines, BPS leaflets and Jean's sample
to be called the History of Printing, or What did    books. The first half of the talk concentrated
William Caxton do for us? I was then told the talk   on letterpress, with the remainder of the time
must take only one hour, as tea and biscuits had     bringing everyone up to date with the last couple
to be available and the hall cleared afterwards.     of hundred years and the changes taking place
Well, how can one cover a subject as large as        in the industry. During the talk, the three of
printing, which was introduced over five hundreds    us answer various questions from around one
years ago, in such a short amount of time?           hundred people attending the event. At the end,
                                                     while Jean and Win washed-up their machines,
Step forward Jean and Win, who would be              we answered further questions and gave away
printing on their Adana's, then thermographing       some of the magazines and leaflets. One thing
the images, so they would be dry for people          was very obvious; the number of those attending,
to take with them. Jean pre-printed a leaflet        who either new about the Adana, or who had
explaining who we were, while Win printed a          relatives who worked in the printing industry
postcard, to be over printed during the talk. I was  and this provided further discussion. I have since
aware of the layout of the hall and how these        been contacted about further talks relating to
talks were organised and they made use of a          printing at some of the other groups in the U3A.
projector in order to ensure that everyone could     Hopefully, I will have more time to prepare and
see the presentation. This meant I had to arrange    arrange for a better presentation.

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