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MOT (yes, they do                                                                high standard and
have to take an                                                                  giving employment
annual test!) but                                                                to 11 men and 6
I digress; Nepal is                                                              women. The die
so fascinating! We                                                               cutting machines
eventually found                                                                 were either of Indian
H.B. Die Cutting Ltd                                                             or Chinese origin and
down a narrow alley and parking the car was      the printed matter was all SRA3 digital, obviously
a nightmare for Deepa. The lady in charge of     outsourced to a specialist printers. (Figure 4).
the factory was shy but very welcoming, and      Although the work was apparently being done
Penguin and I were allowed to wander around      accurately, I was alarmed by the lack of health &
freely, taking photographs and chatting to       safety. In the UK, this factory would have been
the workers. It was fascinating with machines    swiftly closed down by the HSE on the grounds
everywhere manned by one or two busy             that it was a fire hazard!
minders. This was a “gold mine” business
with plenty of orders being fulfilled at a very  Returning to my original mission of finding
                                                 letterpress in Nepal, suddenly in a remote corner
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