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                          by Bob Edwards (9527)


O n a recent two-week visit                       someone with limited English was fun; lots of
              to Nepal, I was determined to see   little diagrams helped!
              what was being printed in city
               print shops and what presses were  Upon our return to Kathmandu, Pragyan the
                                                  local courier (he was amused that I called him
being used. I particularly wanted to get inside   “Penguin” because we just couldn’t get the
                                                  pronunciation of his name right!) excitedly
a traditional letterpress facility and watch      informed me that he had found several print
                                                  shops and he would collect me in a car later
Nepalese script being set by hand. This was       that day. Jane was content to be left in the
                                                  beautiful garden of Hotel Shangri-La whilst I
not as easy as it sounds. Being restricted to     was whisked off across Kathmandu by Deepa
                                                  our careful driver. Driving through the chaos of
English only and only having limited free time    city traffic with no traffic lights, roundabouts

in a pre-arranged itinerary, my plans didn’t                                         or give way signs
                                                                                     is an art; he had
leave the starting line. The print shops we                                          to be careful!
                                                                                     Eventually we
rarely saw were whilst travelling in our car, we                                     arrived at Print
                                                                                     Preview Offset
couldn’t stop and anyway, they looked far too                                        Press Ltd on the
                                                                                     other side of
modern and                                                                           town near the
                                                                                     airport, about a
digital to be     1                                                                  twenty minute
                                                                                     nail-biting ride.
interesting. We                                                                      The machine
                                                                                     minder who
had no choice                                                                        spoke little

but to leave

the matter

with the local

travel courier

company until

we were back

in the city just

over a week

later. Trying

to explain

“letterpress” to

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