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from the president                                  from the editor

               ater this month I shall be                          s I write we have a month to go
                handing over the Presidency                         to the Convention at Montrose
                of the Society to Jean Watson.                      with over fifty delegates attending,
                ¶ When I joined the Society                         some for whom it will be their first
                John Easson was President and                       convention experience. Whilst (in
my membership certificate was signed by             my Co-Conveneor’s hat) the convention may be
Jack Dutton, the Membership Secretary at            slightly less formal than those held in England,
the time. Then in his mid-60s, Jack had been        with less trade stand participation, all looks set
in that office for the past 25 years and, not       for a very enjoyable and instructive weekend.
surprisingly, was seeking a successor. Tony
Hanscombe (then Deputy President), who              This brings me onto another subject, for I have
introduced me to the Society, convinced             just completed printing the menus for the
me that this was a task I could manage and,         convention dinner. Although I have been printing
almost before I knew what was happening,            for many years on a variety of presses, I was
had introduced me to the rest of the Executive      getting problems with the packing on my Arab
Council at its next meeting in the Victory          Treadle Press, with the right material for 100%
Services Club.                                      cotton paper. It struck me that Small Printer
                                                    would be a good medium for having a Forum of
I was never going to match Jack’s record but        the Month, be it inking—roller setting—cutting
I did look after the membership records for         and creasing—or whatever (I do not want to
around a decade. By that time the Editor            leave out you non-letterpress people).
(Derek Fordred) wished to enjoy a few years
of peace and so for the next several years my       If we promulgated the subject in the preceding
role was that of Editor. I came within striking     issue, this would focus members minds on
distance of editing 100 issues of Small Printer,    the subject and they would write in with their
but chose instead to remain on the EC (as Vice-     experience and hints and tips—or just questions
President), passing on the baton before I had       that we could then disseminate to you all.
achieved that number.                               In this way the magazine would also be used as a
                                                    purveyor of printing advice and experience.
My year as Vice-President was served under          So I am going to try this and look forward to your
Ron Watson, who was then in his eighth year         response. The subject for the May issue will be
as President of the Society. Having significantly   Packing for Letterpress. This initiative will be
beaten the previous longevity record of six         commensurate with the data base of members’
years as President (held by both Alf Jones and      presses and plant that our president is compiling.
John Easson), Ron indicated that he would           (So please send in your details if you have not
support my nomination as President, which           already done so).
brings us more or less up to date.
                                                    And if you have any comments on this initiative,
Those of you who have read thus far may feel        please let the editorial team know.
that this is starting to sound like a self-written
obituary. Far from it! Although there will be       The BPS has just so much experience to share.
a different pair of hands on the tiller, the        Indeed it was heartening to hear from a new
complement of officers remains broadly the          member who had been apprenticed to the
same and I shall be a willing and, I hope useful,   printing industry some fifty five years ago,
member of the crew.                                 that he enjoyed the magazine and was back
                                                    to printing on a TP48—which he was also very
                                                    much enjoying (see letter on page 14).

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