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of the year, a two day attendance at the                 OFFICIAL
Essex Country Show based at Barleylands
in Billericay. This is always good fun and    Annual General Meeting of the British
well attended. We hope to feature the large   Printing Society to be held at the Park
wooden ‘Common’ press, of Press Genepy,       Hotel, Montrose on Saturday 11th
courtesy of Victoria Barton.                  April 2015.

I am pleased to say that the Election of      AGENDA
Officers resulted in no change, and that all
officers were prepared to be re-elected.      1.	  Apologies for absence
The Rosen Award was discussed, and            2.	  Minutes of the AGM held on
mention was made of the William Morris
Gallery printing event to be held at Lloyd        13th April 2014 at the Days Hotel,
Park in Walthamstow on 18th and 19th July.        Bournemouth
They are looking for letterpress printers     3.	  Matters arising
to print Morris items at the Walthamstow      4.	  The Annual Report for the Society
Garden Party. Sounds like good fun, and           for 2014
further details can be had from Matt          5.	  Accounts and balance sheet for
McKenzie                2014
                                              6.	  Annual Subscription for the
                                                  coming year
                                              7.	  Appointment of accountants
                                              8.	  Election of Honorary members
                                              9.	  Election of Executive Council for
                                                  the coming year
                                              10.	  The Society Library
                                              11.	  Closing remarks

                                              All these forthcoming events will be listed in
                                              Small Printer in due course, and will be fully
                                              reported during the coming year.

                                              So 2014 proved to be a vintage year for Essex
                                              Branch. Len Friend thanked each and every
                                              one of us for our efforts, and as we strive to
                                              eclipse our past triumphs we say farewell
                                              to our happy band of printing friends and
                                              look forward to our next meeting again,
                                              somewhere under sunny Essex skies.

                                              Come and join us if you can. We would be
                                              pleased to see you at any of our events.

                                                                         Chris Brinson (10631)

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