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Jane invited us to have some sandwiches           of printers enjoying food, wine and ‘printerly
and cake, as well as more tea and coffee.         chat’ as of yore.
Members then relaxed watching some
photographs of Nepal, starting with Bob’s         Before the splendid meal we had passed
visit to various printing establishments in       peacefully through the AGM and the latest
Kathmandu. We found all this fascinating,         list of our proposed endeavours was unveiled
so Bob was encouraged to show all the other       by Len Friend, our popular leader. An am-
photos of their Nepal trip, including a close-    bitious programme of events was approved
up view of Mount Everest. Members departed        and the toast was “Here’s to another glorious
at 10.45 pm.                                      year 2015”.

                            Paul Hatcher (10648)  A very full turnout of Branch members
                                                  totalling fourteen graced our table.
Essex Branch New Year Luncheon and                This consisted of Ken and Mary Wright from
Annual General Meeting                            Braintree, Chairman Len and Sandra Friend
                                                  from Tiptree, Chris and Jenny Brinson from
The Grange Restaurant Boreham 21st                Holland-on-Sea, John and Julie Alexander
February 2015.                                    from Southchurch, Alan and Julie Brignull
                                                  from Wivenhoe (Adanaland!) Ron (our
There is something very comforting                Branch Treasurer, BPS Mailer, Webmaster
about settling down to a plate of sausage         & EC Councillor) and Margaret Rookes (BPS
and mash. More especially when it is in the       Membership Secretary) from Great Baddow,
excellent company of friends and members          Gwen Harper our Branch Secretary, all the way
of the Essex Branch of the BPS, a jolly throng

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