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BRANCH REPORTS                                in 40 countries. Like it or loathe it, we couldn’t
                                                   believe how much Helvetica is used all around
South Wales Branch – January 2015                  us every day and by so many major Blue
                                                   Chip names around the globe. I came away
Cardiff Met Print Workshop & Film night.           from the film vowing never to use another
                                                   expressive typeface but I am sure that others
Our first meeting of 2015 at Cardiff               left with the polar opposite view!
Metropolitan University began with a tour
of the new print department conducted by           MAIDENHEAD BRANCH – January 2015
Thomas Martin.
                                                   Saturday 24th January 2015 saw Branch
Thomas Martin spent many years at the              members and their partners meeting together
Curwen Studio working alongside many               for the Annual Lunch. This year, there were
famous artists creating their original prints.     12 people present and we had a new venue,
He specialises in relief, intaglio, lithographic   the Reading South Holiday Inn. This was found
& screen printing. Thomas has a raft of            for us by Barry Gilbert and very good it was
printing & etching presses at his disposal         too. Although the date was near the end of
including an Albion & a Columbian Eagle,           January, the hotel staff had made the room
along with screen printing facilities and a tidy   look very bright and festive to welcome in the
letterpress workshop housing the BPS’s 8 x 5       New Year. We all enjoyed a tasty three-course
Adana. I am planning on moving some type           lunch with immaculate service. It was a lovely
down there in the next week or so which            way to spend a dreary winter’s day. The food
should tie in perfectly with our planned           was good, the company was interesting and
letterpress workshop at the end of this            before we knew it, the clock had chimed
month. Hopefully Thomas will be on hand to         three o’clock. We are definitely “a Society of
demonstrate some litho printing from stone.        Friends”.

Afterwards with beer in hand we sat through                                     Bob Edwards (9527)
‘Helvetica’, a feature-length independent film
about typography, graphic design and global        MAIDENHEAD BRANCH – FEBRUARY 2015
visual culture. It looked at the proliferation of
one 50 year old typeface as part of a larger       Five Branch members found their way to
conversation about the way type affects            rural Hampshire for the meeting at Advantage
our lives.                                         Press on Monday 9th February. Jane made
                                                   us welcome with cups of tea and coffee, and
The film invited us to take a second look at       then we settled to some Branch business.
the thousands of words we see every day and        Bob was anxious to make us all aware of the
was shot on location in the United States, the     difficulty the Society was currently facing, the
UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland,         fact that no Branch had offered to organise a
France and Belgium.                                BPS Convention for 2016. Since an AGM has
                                                   to be held annually in April, May or June, the
Interviewees in Helvetica include some of          dilemma was how to get a good number of
the most illustrious and innovative names in       members together and where. A number of
the design world, and had its World Premiere       ideas were discussed and the Branch resolved
at the South by Southwest Film Festival in         to pass one particular proposal back to the
March 2007. The film subsequently toured           Executive Council for their consideration.
film festivals, special events, and art house      Having dispensed with the serious business,
cinemas worldwide, playing in over 300 cities

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