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Ron Prosser (9405)             DD II AARRYY

he would no doubt know Lusaka, the Capital            13th-14th Sept .. Essex Branch Roadshow
City. “O yes, of course, but I am from The            Essex Country Show, Barleylands,
Copper Belt.”                                         Billericay
                                                      21st Sept ........... London Branch
  “So you will know Ndola, then,” I asked.            Frogmore Paper Mill visit for 11:15h.
“Yes,” he replied.                                    Contact: Paul Woolley (10640)
                                                      24th Sept........... Dorset Branch
  “What about Mpongwe?” I queried. It was             MeeƟng 4pm
the hospital in this remote Bush town that my         25th Sept........... South Wales Branch
charity first helped.                                  Planning meeƟng for 2015
                                                      27th Sept........... Maidenhead Branch
  “Yes, I know it well, and the hospital,”            Open Day at Wokingham Methodist
  “I don’t suppose, you will have heard of the        7th October....... Maidenhead Branch
Kaloko Trust, the agricultural training project       Dorothy Sydenham, Thame: Branch AGM
in the middle of the bush about an hour and a         29th October..... Dorset Branch
half away from Mpongwe?” I suggested.                 MeeƟng 4pm

  “Yes, I do. In actual fact my brother,                       ƒãã›Äã®ÊÄ
Herbert, started working at the Kaloko Press a
few months ago and is very happy there.”                          ěó ÛЛÙÝ

You really could have knocked me down with                If you are new to the Society and want to find out
the proverbial feather! I don’t know who was              about your local Branch, or if you want to start up
the more amazed, he or I, when I told him that
it was I who started the Kaloko Press in 1996                 a new Branch in your area, please contact:
with an Adana and type and equipment, much
of which was donated by friends of the BPS.                Bob Edwards Tel: 01252 615439 or
From that moment on we were buddies
during that visit and he promised to let me                    GROW A BRANCH
know how things are doing at Kaloko when he                     IN YOUR AREA!
gets an opportunity to speak with his brother
and I can’t wait to hear his news for the work                                                               9
of the charity has long since moved on from
the Copper Belt to the south of Zambia, and
all the people I used to know at Kaloko have
either died or are no longer working there, so
my knowledge of what is happening is very
sketchy. So it was a great relief to learn that at
least the press is sƟll operaƟonal.

I trust you will agree that this was indeed
an Unexpected MeeƟng and an ExcepƟonal
one when you consider that of all the people
in the UK and in Zambia, we two strangers
should meet up in this manner. It is truly
remarkable where this Society of Friends of
ours leads and what it will next reveal.
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