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An Unexpected Meeting

IT WAS THURSDAY EVENING, the 29th May,           the ever-changing craŌ of puƫng ink to paper.
2014, when I had the pleasure and privilege
of aƩending a gathering of the South Wales       But back to my unexpected meeƟng. As we
Branch which was taking place at the now ‘out    waited in the car park for all the members
of city’ premises of the Trinity Mirror which    to arrive a small car turned up, out of which
prints the local Cardiff Papers as well as many   streamed a lady who turned out to be the
other town newspapers.                           tutor in Graphic Design at the Cardiff College

We had arranged                                                                         of Art and
to meet outside                                                                         4 young
the building                                                                            students who
before being                                                                            had asked
given what                                                                              to join us for
promised to                                                                             this parƟcular
be a splendid                                                                           event and
conducted                                                                               it was a
tour of this                                                                            pleasure to
up-to-date                                                                              welcome
company. Having                                                                         them.
started my
prinƟng career                                                                          However
in a Scoƫsh                                                                             as they
newspaper,                                                                              approached it
The Hamilton                                                                            was obvious
AdverƟser, I was parƟcularly looking forward                                            that they
to this evening to see how things had changed                                           were all
in the intervening 61 years and I wasn’t         of different naƟonaliƟes so as part of our
disappointed.                                    welcoming and to ‘break the ice’, we quickly
                                                 organised a compeƟƟon of guessing which
Not a sign of a linotype, nor a flong, nor the    country each one came from.
heŌing of weighty, curved, stereo plates, but
instead sets of four-colour, thin metal plates   I realised that one young man was African
coming off a producƟon line which had been        but it wasn’t unƟl he revealed that he was
sent over the airwaves to the platemaking        Zambian that I got parƟcularly interested for
machine from somewhere miles away. Then an       those readers who may have read my previous
enormous 4 tower press that not only printed     arƟcles in Small Printer about the charity with
both sides of a mighty reel of paper weighing    which I am very much involved, Health Help
many tons, but which also folded and batched     InternaƟonal, will possibly remember that I
the newspapers at an incredible speed of         visited that country for many years running on
something like 30,000 impressions per hour, all  behalf of the charity.
controlled by an operator at a computer desk.
A vastly different business from the AdverƟser    The young man told me his name was Howard
of 1953 which started me off in this lifeƟme of   Singanwge which also interested me as
                                                 Howard, is the name of my younger son and
                                                 not a normal Zambian name. I suggested that

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