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FROM THE PRESIDENT                                      FROM THE EDITOR

                T A RECENT MEETING of the                          HOPE THAT ALL OUR READERS have
                   ExecuƟve Council Paul Hatcher,                  been enjoying a quite amazing spell of
                   the current secretary of                        good weather, that, even us up here in
                   Maidenhead Branch, suggested                    the “Tundra” have been having. I cannot
                   that the Society might be                       remember such a long spell of hot
                   interested in taking a table at the             weather, such that the ink in my small
                                                        prinƟng workshop has been too runny. And there
Wayzgoose of the Oxford Guild of Printers. This         has been liƩle wind for sailing!!!
is a presƟgious event and, as Paul writes on page
11 of the August magazine, the largest leƩerpress       I see from the latest newsleƩer of the NaƟonal
Wayzgoose in the country.                               PrinƟng Heritage Trust that the PrinƟng Historical
                                                        Society Anniversary Conference is being held in
You will see from the announcement on that page         St Bride’s FoundaƟon on 13 and 14 November.
that the Society has indeed booked a table at the       The conference is Ɵtled “Landmarks of PrinƟng
event. If you are able to go along (it’s on Saturday    - from origins to the digital age”. As such it must
11th October) then I suggest that you won’t be          be of interest to all BPS members. On the evening
disappointed; if you are able to offer an hour or        of Thursday13th November, there will also be
two while you are there helping to promote the          the book launch of the History of the Monotype
Society then please contact Paul.                       CorporaƟon. Combined with demonstraƟons of
His contact telephone number is at the boƩom of         prinƟng methods and an exhibiƟon of the society’s
the inside front cover.                                 publicaƟons, there is something for everyone.
                                                        In the BPS we have Andrew Dolinski (9970) who
Two weeks earlier, in the same part of the              is the Treasurer of the PrinƟng Historical Trust
country, is the Maidenhead Branch Open Day;             and we have Bob Richardson (9718) who gives so
this year it will be held in Wokingham. The Branch      much of his Ɵme to the St Brides FoundaƟon. So
provided an excellent day last year and this            I suggest that this will be a most important and
occasion promises to be even beƩer.                     interesƟngconference to anyone interested in print.
                                                        All details are on hƩp://prinƟnghistoricalsociety.
The Essex Branch has been aƩending the Essex   Your editor will be aƩending
County Show for some years and this takes place         and will of course be wriƟng up a resumé of the
near Billericay two weeks before the Maidenhead         event for ‘Small Printer’!!
Open Day. There will almost certainly be
leƩerpress demonstraƟons and without any                Another date for your diary is Saturday 11th
doubt you will receive a friendly welcome from          October when the Oxford Guild of Printers
members of the Branch.                                  are having their annual Wayzgoose at Brookes
                                                        Unversity in Oxford. I know that BPS members are
So for those members who live in the boƩom half         most welcome to aƩend this event where there will
of the country there are three events to interest       be plenty of all day interest from some of Britain’s
you within the next couple of months.                   leading Fine Press Printers. There will also be a
                                                        “Bring and Buy”!!
Looking further ahead, in the next column Tim
gives details of the Conference in November at          Talking of Bring and Buys, there WILL be one at the
the St Bride FoundaƟon. And aŌer that – I’m             2015 ConvenƟon in Montrose. Although Montrose
not going to let you forget this one – our own          is well served by train from London, we believe that
ConvenƟon next year which, to redress the               many of you will come up to Scotland by car and
geographical balance slightly, will be in bonnie        thus be able to bring up all your prinƟng ‘goodies’
Scotland.                                               you need to dispose of. And take away some new
                                                        exciƟng bargains!
Later this month we shall learn whether Scotland
and England are to remain united. Whatever                                                                          3
the decision, you will be assured of an excellent
weekend in Montrose.
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