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Over tea and biscuits, the assembled             ComposiƟon Caster and one Supercaster. As
members officially joined the London Branch        the meeƟng coincided with the E17 Art Trail
whose membership had dwindled over recent        open day, at Ɵmes it got quite busy!
years and William Rouse offered to take
on the role of Branch Chairman and MaƩ                                    MaƩ McKenzie (10577)
McKenzie the role of Secretary.
                                                 LONDON BRANCH REPORT ͵ JULY
In the small amount of Ɵme leŌ, the newly
invigorated London Branch had a quick look       THE BPS LONDON BRANCH met at the
around the workshop and marvelled at the         London Centre for Book Arts on a sweltering
equipment ranging from an c18th wooden           Saturday, for a tour and a cuppa with founder
press, a Stanhope, Albion, Columbian and         Simon Goode. Despite a small turnout (we
the inevitable Heidelberg Tiegel (which was      blamed the heat, and the nearby music
produced from 1950 unƟl 1985).                   fesƟval in Victoria Park) we had a good look
                                                 around, being introduced to to space and
The good thing is that the group only saw        faciliƟes on offer at the Centre.
a fracƟon of the collecƟon, meaning that
another visit is absolutely necessary and it is  LCBA is an open-access studio, available to
hoped that even more members will benefit
from the excellent generosity and knowledge      members of the public to join as members
of the evening’s guide, Bob Richardson,
whom we thank for giving up his evening to       and have access to the range of bookbinding,
show the group around.
                                                 leƩerpress and finishing equipment —
                         MaƩ McKenzie (10577)
                                                 including four cylinder proof presses,
                                                 guilloƟne, foil blocking presses and a paper
A SMALL GROUP of BPS members gathered
at Paekakariki Press in Walthamstow on           beater. We discussed type, the Curwen press,
Saturday and had a tour round the workshop.
                                                 the Library at St Bride's, and Stephenson
There was much interest shown in the two
newly installed Monotype casters: one            Blake.

                                                         MaƩ McKenzie (10577)

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