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ink etc., I had the locked up chases, and         LONDON BRANCH REPORT ͵ MAY
remembered to bring a key and away we went.
No wonder I couldn’t get the job right.           ON 22 MAY 2014, a group of London-based
                                                  BPS members met for a tour of the St Bride’s
For a start I hadn’t locked up the pieces of      PrinƟng Library given by Bob Richardson, the
borders in the correct order, which we only       AcƟng Secretary of the London Branch. There
discovered when we started to print the second    was an introducƟon to the history of the St
colour (and yes there were several jokes about    Bride’s FoundaƟon and a visit to the Passmore
the right notes, just in the wrong order). The    Edwards room (the old reading room) and the
only praise I was allowed was that I had locked   associated recreaƟon of William Blades’ study
up in exactly the correct distance to match.      with his collecƟon of books—the Library’s
                                                  first acquisiƟon. Such treasures as Caxton’s
Honestly, I could have spent months trying to     Boethius and a KelmscoƩ Chaucer were
                                                  shown followed by a visit to the main library
get the job to match, even Jean had to really     stack where the group saw Eric Gill’s original
                                                  drawings for Gill Sans and the vast collecƟon
put her thinking cap on, but she did it. And the  of matrices and punches from the Caslon type
result was well worth the effort, it proved to be

a rather nice border and it made for really good


         Ron Watson (6955)

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