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No other informaƟon was available, but           By now you have probably realised I like using
Roderic was able to correctly idenƟfy their      eBay, and just someƟmes there are actually
use. They were designs of tram seaƟng            some bargains to be found, although over recent
layouts.                                         months leƩerpress prinƟng items seem to have
                                                 increased in value tremendously or at least buyers
The branch members are sƟll geƫng to grips       are prepared to spend a great deal of money to
with the change to the meeƟng Ɵme and will       secure the type or blocks they want.
conƟnue to refine this to suit the members.
                                                 However some Ɵme ago I purchased a two colour
                              Ron Watson (6955)  set of poinseƫa borders on eBay. The pictures of
                                                 it looked “right” and there was a full set, and no
DORSET BRANCH MEETING                            damage was menƟoned, it was old and had been
                                                 used, which I would have expected. So I made my
I DON’T KNOW HOW MANY BPS MEMBERS                bid and waited. This Ɵme I was lucky, no one came
take a look at old leƩerpress prinƟng items      in during the last few seconds with a higher bid.
on eBay. Many people have mixed feelings
about buying on eBay, perhaps with some          The border duly arrived, complete and beauƟfully
jusƟficaƟon if you believe the stories told       packed in bubble wrap. So posiƟve feedback leŌ,
about things going wrong. However I have         I seƩled down to see how it would go together
found that the vast majority of sellers on eBay  when locked up. Now, operaƟng a Linotype on a
are absolutely honest and want to give a good    newspaper doesn’t make locking up a two colour
service. Nevertheless, for your own peace of     (red and green) poinseƫa border any easier …. I
mind, do follow a few simple checks.             needed help.

There is also the school which says you can’t    So I spoke to Jean Watson, my mentor in all
beat physically handling the arƟcle you want     things Adana prinƟng and explained the problem.
to purchase, so won’t buy on line, and to        Dorset Branch has a reputaƟon for having “hands
some extent I agree, but you oŌen have to        on” meeƟngs, so the reply was: “Bring the two
travel quite long distances to find the ever      chases along to a meeƟng, I’ll bring my press and
diminishing anƟque and (dare I say it) junk      we’ll sort it out”.
shops which may or may not have anything
prinƟng related, and oŌen they are shut when     I duly arrived at our meeƟng on a beauƟful
you reach them.                                  summer’s evening, held at the wonderful locaƟon
                                                 of Liz Nelson’s racing stables, Jean had her 8x5,

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