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merrily in the happy throng enjoying the         with this! During the course of the day a

“Flatby Municipal Gardens”.                      game of “consequences” set in leƩerpress by

Pat Walker of the Aspen Press in Orford in       volunteers who were brave enough to have a
Suffolk had made the journey and it was a         go, resulted in a piece which may or may not be
delight to see her again. Gwen Harper our        publishable!

very own branch secretary had also made an All too soon it was Ɵme to depart from

extended journey from Rayleigh. It was good to Adanland. Our society of friends had once again

see you again Gwen aŌer your triumphant tour enjoyed a perfect day, with thanks to Alan and

of The Skills StaƟon on 12th July.               Julie Brignull. Long live the jolly camaraderie of

Our old friend Peter Gauld of the New            the B.P.S. and our favourite private press, The

Basement Press and owner of Green Lion Books Hedgehog Press Wivenhoe. I leŌ, happily laden
had managed to travel from his new premises with free lino, courtesy of Mike Elliston, and
                                                 two industrial size Ɵns of ink from the Brignull
and home in Suffolk.
                                                 European ink mountain (or should that be lake?)

A terrible stressful Ɵme for a printer and       N.B. for those of you wondering about the
publisher to have to move premises, but Peter    quotaƟon used at the beginning of this report, it
had accomplished this and sƟll had energy        was wriƩen by Cyril Connolly wriƟng in The New
enough for our B.P.S. treat at the Hedgehog      Statesman in 1935 and was only slightly altered
Press.                                           to suit our purpose.

Our much loved leader Len Friend then called     Chris Brinson (10631)

the meeƟng to order and announced the

details of our next big push in promoƟng the     DORSET BRANCH REPORT ͵ JULY
B.P.S. We will all be leƩerpress prinƟng at

Barleylands Essex Country Show on 13th and

14th September. Our biggest pitch yet and with

a jumbo marquee as well.

Bob Richardson (our ink sprite) had made         ANOTHER MEETING OF THE BRANCH
the journey from Northolt in Middlesex. He       without Liz being present. This month while
certainly looked very sprightly, if not inky!    Jean and Pat were sorƟng out the prinƟng of
Seriously Bob it was good to meet you again.     a two colour border, which he had purchased
My good friend Mike Perry kindly travelled       on eBay, the other members had a query, also
from Ongar, and I am glad he did because he      presented by Pat, on what were the small
arrived with a heavy package of Gallia type      wooden blocks in a box. These were all about
which I had been searching many moons for.       one inch long by a quarter of an inch and
Many thanks Mike.                                had been carved with different designs. They
                                                 al had ink on the carved edges. There were
One of the feature aƩracƟons at Adanaland        about two dozen of these blocks altogether.
this year was The Treasures of the Adanaland
Archive. A superb exhibiƟon of rare booklet
and leaflet memorabilia from Alan’s private
collecƟon. Many as rare as hen’s teeth. The
centrepiece being that extreme rarity a
complete run of It’s A Small World. As far as I
know not even the BriƟsh Library can compete

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