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There is a lot of informaƟon on the web about      Dragon’s Press. I admired a copy of his 17th
Thompson prinƟng machines, the company             book in the New Garland series, Talking
history and its Manchester base and although       ToThe Weeds, Poems by Kit Wright exquisitely
the presses never managed to out-sell the          leƩerpress printed, together with superb lino
German built Heidelberg platen they were sƟll      cut illustraƟons by Julie Orpen (some in five
very versaƟle and well built machines with         colours!) PrinƟng of fine quality indeed. Sadly
some very innovaƟve features.                      Stafford tells me this is the penulƟmate book
                                                   in the series.
My thanks to the Pressmans for the invitaƟon       A great privilege to meet award winning
and to the descendants of T.C.Thompson (a          printer Paul Hatcher who is currently holder
man who leŌ such a lasƟng legacy within the        of the Sussex Cup, also rare visitors in the
prinƟng industry) for their interest in prinƟng    charming form of Mike Elliston and his wife
machines and the BPS.                              Pat. I could listen to the arcane knowledge of
                                                   prinƟng and acquired wisdom that flows from
                                Len Friend (8988)  Mike, for many hours, and sƟll be fascinated.

ESSEX BRANCH VISIT TO THE HEDGEHOG                 Our hard working mailer Ron Rookes and
PRESS ͵ AUGUST                                     his wife Margaret our stalwart and equally
                                                   hard working membership secretary chaƩed
A summer idyll in Adanaland.

“SomeƟmes, at great garden parƟes, literary
luncheons, or in the quiet of an exclusive print
room, a laugh rings out. The sad, formal faces
for a moment relax and a smaller group is
formed within the larger. They are admirers of
Alan Brignull who have found out each other.
We are badly organised, we know liƩle about
ourselves and next to nothing about our hero,
but we appreciate fine prinƟng when we come
across it, and a wit that is ageless united to a
courtesy that is exƟnct.”

ON A SUMMER’S DAY with a cooling sea
breeze coming in from Flatby, it was most
pleasant to be invited to Adanaland to
enjoy the company of fiŌeen of our prinƟng
friends. The printerly chat, the tea and
coffee, together with a delicious buffet lunch
provided by Julie Brignull proved to be one of
the best gatherings to date.

I met and spoke with everyone who was
there and learned a great deal about the finer
points of leƩerpress prinƟng whilst enjoying
excellent company.

It was a pleasure to meet Stafford Baker, all
the way from Toppesfield and the Happy

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