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Just then our final member arrived; Peter            manufacturing fame) who were keen to see
Gauld, who is now also from Suffolk and              Thompson machines working. When I arrived
had been delayed by lightning-struck trains         there was quite a group covering three
and miles on a bike. He was just in Ɵme for         generaƟons and they told me that the day was
conversaƟon over a remarkably civilized meal        a part of a big family reunion that they were
of locally baked breads, wine and gastronomic       planning to hold in Birmingham later in July.
delicacies. With a growing number of
members in Suffolk, Pat has ideas of forming         While the family members were exchanging
a more local branch but if she does, I am sure      photographs Graham was prinƟng a C4 manila
she will conƟnue to receive interlopers from        envelope with a copy of the T.C.Thompson
Essex wanƟng to visit her idyllic retreat. Our      Limited company details on the front and I
thanks to them both for their hospitality.          took the opportunity to hand out some BPS
                                                    literature and the July issue of Small Printer.
                              Alan Brignull (4800)
                                                    They were all interested in the Catseye Press
ESSEX BRANCH ͵ JULY                                 which apparently took its name from a street
                                                    in Bushey in Herƞordshire which was also the
ON FRIDAY 4TH JULY I was invited to aƩend           home of the man who first introduced Graham
an event at the Catseye Press in Happisburgh        to prinƟng at the young age of 10. Shaun,
on the North Norfolk coast and although             a machine minder and Graham were busy
not a long way from our home in Tiptree,            demonstraƟng some of the eight Thompson
Happisburgh is quite isolated and I had to          and two Heidelberg presses that they have on
rely on the sat-nav to guide me there. Miss         site. We also looked at some of the machines
Leading (the young lady in the sat-nav) wanted      that they have awaiƟng restoraƟon, these
to go via the scenic route which caused me to       included a Lagonda which, being very rare
shout at her a few Ɵmes and although I was          they were pleased to have acquired and
the last to arrive we were in good Ɵme for the      during the guided tour the Pressmans spoke
morning’s proceedings.                              about the work that they produce there and
                                                    how they manufacture approximately one
The day had been organised by Graham                million boxes a year, thousands of packs of
and Mark Pressman at the request of the             beer mats and hundreds of cases of printed
Thompson family (of prinƟng machine                 drinking glassware.

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