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which you'd like to try, have a
word with Chris.

When we had finished peering
at all those ingenious cams and
levers, it was Ɵme for food.
Jenny had done us proud, with
a table full of sandwiches and
strawberries and cream to finish
off with. The room was lined with
painƟngs, Jenny's work as well;
they're a busy and producƟve
couple and I'm sure everyone
looks forward to our next visit to
the Haven Press.

                  Alan Brignull (4800)

THERE IS CURRENTLY NO BPS BRANCH IN              we admired the elegant furnishings and the
EAST ANGLIA so for a while the Essex branch      unobstructed view of a well-planned garden
has had an extraterritorial member in the        (while tacƞully not menƟoning the Seahenge-
person of Pat Walker from Orford. On 19th        style pagan altar at the centre of it) but
July we were invited to visit her at the Aspen   wondered, where was the press?
Press and seven of us ventured north over
the border into Suffolk. Though apparently on     Pat led us into the garden, along a path through
the edge of nowhere, Orford is a busy tourist    the foliage to reveal a second garden, invisible
and second-homer hotspot on account of its       from the house, with a substanƟal wooden
picturesque architecture, mediaeval castle and   workshop full of treasures. This, in a secret
nuclear early warning staƟon. Consequently       garden behind a hidden house in a ‘get away
on a sunny Saturday morning the town square      from it all’ town, is her ulƟmate retreat — out of
was crowded with cars and we were obliged        reach of phone signals and internet, where she
to park at a distance and approach by the        can be uninterruptedly creaƟve with an Adana
hidden back route, picking our way along a       8-5 and a good selecƟon of type.
path through brambles and neƩles to discover
a surprisingly modern building of plate glass    Aiming to pick the collecƟve brains of the
and stainless steel where we were welcomed       branch, Pat had laid out a few type idenƟficaƟon
by Pat and husband Roger, together with a        puzzles and had some technical queries
new member, John GarreƩ, who is also from        concerning her latest print job, wedding
Suffolk and a talented woodcut arƟst.             invitaƟons for a friend. AŌer pressing the handle
                                                 down and listening to it squeak our combined
AŌer tea and coffee we got down to a brief        decades of experience diagnosed a need of oil
branch meeƟng, reviewing future plans and        but apart from this the Aspen Press seems to be
consolidaƟng our ideas for the next Rosen        in perfect order, is well-equipped and promises
Award entry. Following construcƟve criƟcism      some wonderful work. We were all envious of
in Small Printer of our last effort, we resolved  her garden shed workshop (especially previous
to be viligant against typpos. Looking around,   occupant Roger) but were enƟced back to the
                                                 house by the promise of food.

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