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NAME THE PRESS? 19                                  4.75x 6" and 5.25 x7". I do find them quite
                                                    useful; they will support a page of type much
                                                    more securely than cord, and because the
                                                    thickness is one em, it's easy to calculate
                                                    margins. I have a vague idea that they were
                                                    produced in Norway, but can't remember
                                                    where I saw this—possibly an ad in BriƟsh
                                                    Printer. Nicholas Smith. Volunteer at: Rare
                                                    Books Dept, University Library, Cambridge, &
                                                    Cambridge Museum of Technology.

                                                    Dear Editor, I must have been about eleven

                                                    years old when I looked at a boy's book as I

                                                    waited to have an hair cut in the barbers at the

                                                    end of the street, when I saw the picture and

                                                    advert about this prinƟng press. It has been

                                                    remembered so many Ɵmes over those years,

                                                    as I have used the up to date models of the

                                                    companies prinƟng presses. Your illustraƟon

                                                    is a photo of one of the first Adana mass-

                                                    produced flatbeds from the year 1922. Len

Can you name this interesƟng Platen Press           Coomber (1739)

made by Furnival & Co of Reddish, that could        Thanks to the three people who wrote in
be purchased for £106? As always; replies sent      about the first Adana mass-producƟon flatbed,
by the 10th of the month to the:                    produced in 1922, that was the answer to Name or sparƟcles@                  the Press 18. The press was never given a model                                      number and went on sale at 45/-. However

Hello Editors, I think the press in August's        within a few weeks of its launch the price had
compeƟƟon is the first Adana machine to              risen to 57/6d! Sales of this press funded the
be available as a mass-producƟon flatbed             expansion of the company and led to so many of
machine in the early 1920's. I believe it was       us sƟll now prinƟng on an Adana Press.

iniƟally made from wood and metal, although

adverƟsed as made from iron and mild steel.

I don't think the press had a name (such as

Adana 8x5 etc) but was known as an 'automaƟc

self-inking prinƟng machine'. I have no idea of

its size but at 45 shillings it was probably quite

small! George Webb (BPS 5265).

The August mystery press is of course the
original flat-bed Adana of 1922, as shown
in Bob Richardson's Monograph. As for the
alloy frames found by Paul Woolley, we have
some of these, in three different sizes—3.5x5",

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