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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                         ROSEN AWARD

SHORT OF SORTS?                               Dear Editor, I am most grateful for the
Dear Editor, I'm a new boy in BPS and         kind words penned by Len Friend in the
have much enjoyed my first taste of Small      August ediƟon of Small Printer. May I
Printer, thank you! I've also been delighted  take this opportunity to expand a bit on
at the welcome received from the Essex        the arƟcle about the Rosen Award? It has
branch, though I live in Suffolk.              perhaps not been very obvious to readers
The following might be old news for           that the arƟcles, both this year and last,
you but I thought I'd pass it on as I have    were in fact composite efforts by me and
found it very useful. Having bought some      Ron Prosser. We shared the burden, doing
type from Caslon, thinking to print some      two of the entries each, and then just
quotaƟons about trees and things, then        sƟtching them together for publicaƟon.
finding I needed more e, t, o, a, n etc., I    With the text for the 2013 entries
decided it would be helpful to have a count   completed, they were duly submiƩed,
of the leƩers in any passage of text. Doing   and we were shortly contacted by Giles
this by eye would be similar to counƟng       Edwards, who is 'our' Graphic Designer.
sheep, I expect. I use an Apple iMac          He suggested that the arƟcle would be
computer and was very pleased to find a        greatly enhanced by the addiƟon of colour
                                              photos of some of the entries. Ron sent
program called QuickCounter, which gives      his collecƟon of entries to Giles, and we
a list of each word and each leƩer and        were astonished by the finished arƟcle.
the count of each in the text. That quickly   I am sure all readers will be amazed by
showed me how short of sorts I am and         the improvement compared with last
which leƩers will be needed.                  year's version. Giles did a super job.
The free program was developed by
Alexandre Truppel and is available from the   I was amused, being aware that there were
Mac App Store.                                a few missing apostrophes in the Essex
                                              entry, to receive a very polite leƩer from a
                       John Garrett (10745)   member of their producƟon department.

   10                                         The leƩer included some carefully
                                              prepared self-adhesive apostrophes
                                              for me to insert where appropriate.
                                              Thank you for those, but I may find
                                              them difficult to apply, as I'm not
                                              sure what typeface they are!

                                              So, Len, many thanks indeed again. We
                                              both enjoy doing the review, and hope to
                                              provide you with more enjoyment
                                              next year.

                                                                 Colin Angior (HM 4219)
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