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30ish years, the ink leŌ in the inkwell had set like    To be fair, the machine performed faultlessly and
concrete conveniently blocking up all the nozzle        allowing for the age of the ink, I was very pleased
holes too! Added to that, the front of the ‘wheel’,     with the outcome. I only ran the inking process 3
did not want to follow instrucƟons and quoƟng the       Ɵmes, as it meant waiƟng for the take up spool to
manual: “to remove the whole inkwell from the           be full and then swapping the spools around.
wet-ribbon, firmly hold the case and grasping the
front of the wheel, pull it firmly forwards”.            I have asked on the BPS forum web-page if it is sƟll
                                                        possible to obtain ‘proper’ re-inking ink, but as yet,
In the end, I had to remove the back and start          the best suggesƟon has been to use the ink which is
pushing! A combinaƟon of dried ink and rather sƟff       suitable for a manual ‘numerator’. With a cartridge,
plasƟc seemed to be the main problem. However,          the manual recommends a 45 minutes running Ɵme
with a liƩle, gentle pressure from the back, out        when re-inking. As a cartridge ribbon is a conƟnuous
popped the wheel and I set about cleaning it. Once      loop, it will keep passing under the inking nozzles,
it was cleaned up, I replaced the wheel, closed up      so you can just sit back and let the whole process
the machine and refilled the inkwell. The second         take its course. However, I recommend keeping an
problem, which you might have already guessed           eye on the process just in case the ribbon starts to
was that the OKI ML80 didn’t have a cartridge           twist or some other problem arises.
ribbon, but 2 spools just like a normal typewriter!
                                                        I would also recommend that you wear a pair of
So, what to do! I decided that if I could devise a      plasƟc gloves, as the ink seems to have the knack
method of spooling the ribbon one-way, by placing       of geƫng everywhere, and whatever you do, make

the empty spool on the drive shaŌ, I could just         sure you stand the whole setup on an old cloth or
run the procedure, swap the spools over when            towel when running the re-inking process.
completed and keep running the process again. So
with the help of a heavy block of metal, a magnet       Just to show you how a ribbon casseƩe is seated in
aƩached to a ‘bulldog’ clip and a modified paper         the machine when being re-inked, here is a photo of
clip to hold the full spool, I set the system running.  an Epson rx80 ribbon casseƩe.

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