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                                               John Miller (8956)

WHO CAN RESIST A BARGAIN ON EBAY? As I’m               I had ‘found’ some suitable ink which I hoped to
sure many of you are all aware, not me! So when, a     use, even thought it was old (30 years plus) and
couple of months ago, a ‘wet-ribbon’ re-inker came     perhaps past its best, but I was happy to give it a
up for sale, I just had to have a bid.                 go. The manual that accompanied the machine
                                                       stated that it will re-ink quickly, cleanly and
It seemed to be most fortuitous, because I was         efficiently, most dot matrix printer (conƟnuous loop)
aƩempƟng to write a one-liner BASIC program            cartridges. There are 3 seƫng to accommodate the
to print a large sign for my grandson’s birthday       various widths of the ribbons which need re-inking,
and I had found that the ink ribbon on my OKI          which range from 9-30 mm and they are changed
Microline-80 was so faint, it was almost illegible!    by turning the wheel on the front of the machine.
                                                       This also houses the ink ‘well’. The ribbon is passed
As it happened, there wasn't much interest shown       across the outer surface of the inkwell at its lowest
in the aucƟon, so I ‘won’ this quite unique bit of     point. The ink is able to pass to the ribbon through
kit for the first and only bid of £4.99! Dee WAS        nozzle holes, where it is absorbed into the ribbon
impressed (NOT)! She doesn’t seem to share my          fabric.
excitement for these wonderful Ebay treasurers!

I’d never come across this machine before, in fact,    An electric motor, within the case, drives,
I’d not even heard of it, but when it duly arrived, I  backwards or forwards, a metal output drive-shaŌ,
thought the best thing to do would be to clean up      rotaƟng at 25 rpm which turns the ribbon within the
any residue of old ink that remained, by soaking in    cartridge. There were various adapters which came
warm soapy water.                                      with the original purchase.

 18                                                    Well, as you can most likely guess, the first problem
                                                       I encountered was that aŌer not being used for
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