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far away to be likely to be able to pop in and               DD II AARRYY
meet him at his press.
                                                  7th October......... Maidenhead Branch
Alan Brignull also provides an extra treat,       Dorothy Sydenham, Thame: Branch AGM
some spare sheets from the internaƟonal           29th October....... Dorset Branch
joint publicaƟon ‘It’s A Small World’ by various  MeeƟng 4pm
                                                  19th November... Dorset Branch
                                                  MeeƟng 4pm
                                                  19th November... South Wales Branch
                                                  A return visit to Swansea to see Steph’s
                                                  display with possibly an opportunity to
                                                  produce a printed piece for the Publishing

                                                  13th December ... Dorset Branch
                                                  MeeƟng 4pm


                                                           ěó ÛЛÙÝ

                                                  If you are new to the Society and want to find out
                                                  about your local Branch, or if you want to start up

                                                      a new Branch in your area, please contact:

                                                    Bob Edwards Tel: 01252 615439 or

                                                  GROW A BRANCH
                                                   IN YOUR AREA!

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