Page 10 - October 2014
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Dear Editor, A sucker for an unusual face
I couldn't resist a 16A fount of 12 pt type
adverƟsed by John Grice in a magnificent
type catalogue (I don't think there were
more than ten copies) last year. He had
been unable to idenƟfy it; nor could any of
my chums. I now know this is because none
of us, unlike you, had the 1914 Stephenson
Blake catalogue but then I did what I
always do in such a situaƟon: ask David
Wakefield of the 23Press. He immediately
(as he always does) named it as 'Athenian

And here you are, close to asphyxiaƟng,      ƒÄ ®Ãƒ¦› ¥ÙÊà 㫛 ¦ç¹ƒÙƒã® ãù֛ ¥ÊçėÙù ‘ƒãƒ½Ê¦ç›
burning and generally abrading yourself
cleaning up a fount of the stuff (and the
case?!). There's liƩle more to be said
except that I have printed with it and
aƩach a scan of my efforts. I leave it to
you to decide whether you will now run a
compeƟƟon to find anyone who can come
up with any reason to like the 'H'!

                              Miles Wigfield

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