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Bob Edwards (9527)

              HEN DEMONSTRATING PERFECT           sufficient white space for the perfect-bound
              BOOKBINDING AT OPEN DAYS, I         book to open. I usually set the leŌ and right
             HAVE SOMETIMES BEEN ASKED            margins at 20 mm with 40 mm in the centre.
BY A MEMBER HOW I PRINT MY BOOKS, SO              The top margin is set to 15 to 17.5 mm and the
HERE IS A BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF THE PROCESS.          boƩom margin to 20 to 22.5 mm. Using these
                                                  parameters gives a text frame approximately
THE SOFTWARE I USE for seƫng up a book            108.5 mm wide and 172.5 mm deep, but of
is MicrosoŌ Publisher 2010. It is possible to     course you can set the book up to your own
use Word but it is more difficult because that      taste. I just happen to like the look of the
program lacks the freedom to place pictures       pages given these dimensions.
on the page and move them around to suit the
text. I start with two A5 pages to a view (figure  Most clients give me unformaƩed text in a
1) but please note, these pages are idenƟcal.     Word file, oŌen on a memory sƟck. Before
                                                  I introduce this text to the Publisher file, I
 1                                                spend quite a lot of Ɵme spell checking and
                                                  sentence checking the copy. It’s easier to edit
                                                  the text at this stage in Word than leaving it
                                                  unƟl it is occupying a Publisher frame. I might
                                                  even have to do some research to check the

That’s because I print two books at a Ɵme. Yes,   With the book that I am using as the example
you could print a single book using A5 paper      for this arƟcle—Lest We Forget by Fred
but it would take just as long and paper is not   Hooker—I had to check the names of places in
packed A5. The view of two frames showing         Poland and Germany that Fred had menƟoned
book page one (figure 1), is followed by two       in the book. Perhaps I should explain that Fred
frames showing book page two, and so on unƟl      Hooker served in Bomber Command in the
the end of the book is reached.                   2nd World War, was shot down on his third
                                                  mission and taken to Stalag LuŌ 7 POW Camp
Because the right-hand frame is idenƟcal to       deep in Poland. When the Russians advanced
the leŌ-hand one, I usually start with a blank    westwards in January 1945, the POWs were
formaƩed Publisher file, set up with the correct   forced to march towards Germany through
margins. When this method of book producƟon       snow driŌs and with very liƩle food. Fred
is used, the margins have to be equal and give    managed to survive this awful experience and
                                                  even recorded the places they encountered on
                                                  their march, using a pencil stub and a piece of
                                                  Red Cross wrapping paper. It was these place
                                                  names, not always correctly spelled, that I had
                                                  to check. Of course I could just print the text
                                                  provided by the client but I think it is the duty
                                                  of the publisher to ensure accuracy as far as

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