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OBITUARY                               and hospice worked closely together to
                                                   provide the best support to those living with
               IZ NELSON JOINED THE BPS IN         MND in the area.
                   1994. Shortly aŌerwards, she    Liz was awarded the MBE in 2012 for palliaƟve
                   joined the Dorset Branch,       care. The 76-year-old stables owner said she was
                   in Ɵme to help and give her     delighted to receive the honour, and had received
                   organisaƟonal experience to     many messages of congratulaƟons—including
                                                   from MND researchers. Liz has also welcomed
             running the Dorset Open Days and      the opportunity to raise awareness of the disease
then the six Annual ConvenƟons on behalf of        through media coverage of her award.
the Society. She was Booking Officer for all six     There are a number of people who will ensure
convenƟons and one of the enduring sights          that whatever Liz was hoping for, will be
at any convenƟon, was of Liz whizzing about        conƟnued as best as they can and for as long
in her wheelchair. The list of acƟviƟes Liz was    as possible. Although the Branch will miss Liz,
involved with would seem daunƟng to many           we will sƟll meet at her racing stables for the
other people, but Liz managed to keep on top       foreseeable future and this will keep the link
of all those she took an interest in.              between us.

She was a director of the Jury's Hotel group,         Compiled by members of the Dorset Branch
where her involvement was ensuring the
hotels were aware of disability requirements.       ã®ã½› փ¦› Êٗ›Ù ¥ÙÊà ƒ Ý֛‘®Ã›Ä ÊÊ» ù ¥®¦¦®ÄÝ
At the same Ɵme, she ran her own prinƟng            ½›ãã›Ù ¥ÊçėÙù, ½ÊėÊÄ. ϏϖϏϓ
business from her home and employed
several people in this venture. Along with
these acƟviƟes, Liz was a visitor within the
MND AssociaƟon and would oŌen go along at
all hours to sit with paƟents at the end of their
Ɵme. AŌer closing her prinƟng business and
reƟring from the hotel group, Liz returned to
her great love of breeding race horses.
She completely refurbished an exisƟng run
down stable complex, into the excellent
facility it is today.

The last few years have not been kind to Liz
with regard to her health. Following a sudden
emergency operaƟon in 2010 just before the
Dorset ConvenƟon in Bournemouth, she then
experienced a series of health problems over
the next four years, unƟl sadly, she passed
away in September 2014.

Liz, from Dorchester, was vice-chairman of the
West Dorset Branch, of the Motor Neurone
Disease AssociaƟon (MND), visitor and vice
president of Weldmar Hospicecare Trust.
Liz played a pivotal role in ensuring the branch

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