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Coles Award Rosen Award

The award is open to any          The award is given for the best
young person under the age        publicaƟon printed jointly by
of 18. They should submit         a Branch of the Society. The
ten copies of each of four        guidelines were revised last
different prinƟng specimens        year as follows:
that has been their own work.
Their parents or a member         1. The prinƟng and finishing
of the Society may only offer         of the entry should be done
supervision and should submit        enƟrely by members of the
details of how the work was          branch who are paid up
carried out. The winning             members of the Society. It is
entry will receive a shield to       however not necessary for
hold onto for twelve months,         every member of the Branch
along with membership of the         to parƟcipate, although as
Society for twelve months.           many as possible should be
All entries should be sent to        involved in its producƟon.
the Hon. Secretary to arrive
by 31st December 2014. The        2. Every sheet including the
judging will be undertaken by        cover should be idenƟfiable
the ExecuƟve Council at its first     with member or press
meeƟng of 2015.                      name and BPS membership
                                     number on either the front
                                     or reverse.

                                  3. FiŌeen copies should be
                                     sent to the Hon. Secretary
                                     to arrive by 31st December

                                  4. Claims for reimbursement of
                                     carriage costs may be sent to
                                     the Hon. Treasurer

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