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FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT                              FROM THE EDITOR

The President is on holiday and so this month         CAN ONLY START THIS EDITORIAL by
you have some words from me (the Vice                 saying how sad it was to hear of Liz Nelson’s
           magazines that have been published
           in recent months. The August issuePresident) for a change.death last month. Liz was a person who

I contained an interesƟng arƟcle by Chris                      influenced and affected for good, all those
                                                     who met her. Her mulƟ facet personality, courage and
 Green about a proposed Knowledge Database.          determinaƟon that nothing would stop her live her life
 Have you responded? If not, I do commend that       to the full was hugely contagious. Although I had the
 you consider it. If everyone in the Society did so, privilege of siƫng at her table at many annual conven-
 just imagine how useful it would be when trying     Ɵons, it was the one at Dumfries in 2009 that I really
 to troubleshoot problems. I someƟmes wonder if      began to understand what a wide ranging life she ran;
 I am the only member using an HP4550C colour        and all from a wheel-chair. She and Sir Malcolm Ross,
 laser? A digital BPS database of equipment and      our guest of honour, took over the conversaƟon at
 skills could be very useful, although I concede     our table as they found so many interests and persons
 there might be operaƟonal challenges.               they knew in common. And at Nairn, when the hotel
                                                     had inadequate disabled faciliƟes on the top floor, Liz
                                                     just got out of her chair, determined that she would
                                                     get to the talk on wood-engraving whatever the odds.

As I write, The Maidenhead Open Day at Wok- I remember thinking I was seeing a biblical miracle!

ingham has happened. If you live in the Home Liz, you will be so missed—and many thanks to Ron

CounƟes or West London and didn’t get to this Watson and the Dorset Branch for wriƟng the obituary

event, then you missed a treat. There were 15 that appears on page six. It is a privilege to be able to

tables of sales or demonstraƟons plus some           put a picture of you on our cover.

excellent food. FiŌy goody bags were handed          Now I have again say that you members of the BPS
out, mostly to members of the public and a good      out there, are not supplying enough content for YOUR
amount of discussion about prinƟng took place.       magazine. Both Giles and myself wait in hope for copy

Who are the most fortunate members of the            to come in. When this does not happen ‘fillers’ have to

Society? Those who print leƩerpress? Members be quickly found. Some eleven items were rushed into

who print digital? No, I think that the luckiest the magazine before the October prinƟng deadline

BPS members are those interact with other            closed; and sƟll there was some white space not filled.

printers.                                            If the magazine is to survive it has to be with the help

Think about your own BPS membership. Are             of members. It may be that you think that your contri-
you passive or acƟve? By passive I mean just         buƟon will not be of enough interest.

reading your magazine. By acƟve I mean doing This is not so as our successes and failures with

something every month that adds to the Society. prinƟng all add to the general pool of experience.

It could be aƩending a BPS meeƟng or offering Lets make the December ‘Christmas Number’ a really

assistance to another member. Not in a Branch interesƟng and varied read, with all the content

or in touch with other members? If you want to coming from BPS members. What a good Christmas

be, let me know. Perhaps another member 10 present that would be for us in the editorial team and

miles away has the same thought. If none of this our whole Society.

is possible, there is sƟll no need to be passive.    With the convenƟon geƫng closer the Scoƫsh Branch
You could write to the Editor—a leƩer, a story or    is starƟng to work up a really interesƟng programme.
a lengthy arƟcle about your prinƟng. Give it a try.  We do hope that many many of you will consider
Anything but being just passive.                     coming up to Scotland to enjoy a memorable weekend

                                                     amongst like minded friends.

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