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ěó ÛЛÙÝ:
10751 BUTLER, Mr P. St. Botolph’s LeƩerpress,
c/o The WaiƟng Room, The Street With No
Name (off Queen Street), Colchester.

10752 McDONALD, Ms S.7 Brookdale Road,
London. E17 6QH

10753 HOBSON, Ms C. 17 Maytree Avenue,
West Cross, Swansea. SA3 5NB

10754 KIRBY, Ms E. New CoƩage, The Flood,
Middle Winterslow, Salisbury. SP5 1QT

9444 Mr L. AbboƩ (October 2013)

9503 Mrs E. A. M. Nelson MBE
(11 September 2014)

10573 Mr M. Gilbey (11 March 2014)

                                                    EQUIPMENT WANTED

                                                    Adana 8x5's or similar
                                                             also type

                                                    COCLALSEHCTOINON  S.E.England Area

                                                                      0844 4484386

ÙçÝ« óÙ®ãã›Ä
®Ã֛ٮƒ½ ½ƒã®Ä
ƒ½Ö«ƒ›ã Ê¥ ϐϑ ½›ãã›ÙÝ.
Ý®ø ƒÄ— ƒ «ƒ½¥ ®Ä‘«›Ý
ヽ½. 㫛 ÙçÝ« óƒÝ
كã ݃½› ƒÄ— ½ƒ®— Êçã
®Ä 㫛 Ûã«Ê— çݛ— ù 㫛 ÙÊÃƒÄ Ý®¦Ä-óÙ®ã®Ä¦
®ÄݑٮÖã®ÊÄ Ãƒ»›ÙÝ, ÖÙ®ÊÙ ãÊ ‘«®Ý›½®Ä¦ 㫛 ½›ãã›ÙÝ
ÊÄ ÝãÊě. ›ƒÙ½ù ‘.ϏÝã


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