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down onto it. The block came from another                  WANTED
BPS member who had sold the contents of his
print shop recently. This machine had a fairly       New North Press
large cylinder ink roller and two small rollers
which transferred the ink to the block as the                  would be interested in buying
handle was depressed. Moving on to Win's
Rejafix, which while smaller, had a moving                 Display fonts or wood
pad onto which the paper or card would be                        letter
placed. However, as the pad was made of a
composiƟon material, this did not produce a             We are committed to letterpress printers
firm surface, but in the box with the machine,          and keen to purchase any interesting fonts.
there were several other solid metal blocks
which were used to produce beƩer quality                      We are currently looking for a
prints. Another aspect which had given the                 large Albion or Columbian Press.
members something to ponder over. This was
several bent pieces of metal. Ron had looked at              Please contact: Graham Bignell
his half eaten manual and found that they were                       Tel: 020 7729 3161
fiskets. Well aŌer a lot of jiggling around, we
managed to fit one of them and got it to work.  

The branch have wondered about the posiƟon        The Spacing Guidelines (opposite) are taken from
of Secretary and Win has offered to step in and    Marty Brown's excellent book A 21st Century Guide
take on the job.                                  to LeƩerpress—How to acquire, restore operate,
                                                  and turn a profit with your platen press.
                               Ron Watson (6955)
                                                  The book is published by the LeƩerary Press LLC in
                                                  Portland, Oregan. Her website www.leƩerarypress.
                                                  com is well worth a visit, as is buying her book.

    PAPER SUPPLIES                                                    ALL MEMBERSHIP
                                                                  RENEWALS currently £27
       PAPER & BOARD FOR PRINTING AVAILABLE                       for UK, £42 for Overseas, or
                       AT COMPETITIVE PRICES                      noƟficaƟons for change of
                                                                  address, email or telephone
               SPECIAL OFFER & BRANDED STOCK                      numbers should be sent to
                   LIST AVAILABLE ON REQUEST                      the Membership Secretary:

                                                                        57 CRAISTON WAY,
              Lower Walsall Street, Wolverhampton WV1 2ES                 GREAT BADDOW,
        EMAIL: WDGHILLIER@GMAIL.COM                                           CM2 8ED
             TEL: 07984 363819 / 0792 7766799
                                                                   Please make any cheques
                                   Credit card payment available          payable to the

20                                                                 ‘BriƟsh PrinƟng Society’.
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