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and it was Ɵme to pack up our stalls, retrieve
cars from the long-stay car park, fight for a
space outside the hall to load up and then
drive home for some peace and quiet.

Altogether it was a very successful event. We
gave out all fiŌy goody bags and yet again,
the numbers of interested non-BPS people
outnumbered the number of BPS members.
However, that is a good thing and we gave out
plenty of BPS literature to anyone expressing
interest in the Society. No doubt Maidenhead
Branch will repeat this event someƟme in the
future somewhere in the Thames Valley. Our
thanks go to all Branch members and family
helpers who worked so hard, to the ExecuƟve
Council for supporƟng the event and to
Wokingham Methodist Centre for making us
feel so welcome.

                             Bob Edwards (9527)


gather at the home of our late secretary, Liz
Nelson. The idea of having our meeƟngs at the
racing stables, was something Liz would have
insisted on and we
are happy to conƟnue
with her wishes.

Ron and Win had each
bought along their
Rejafix machines and
Jean had supplied
some red ink and
paper. Ron's Rejafix
was a larger model
compared to Win's,
which she had
purchased on Ebay.
Ron's machine had a
fixed pad, onto which
the paper or card
would be placed and
the block then pressed

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