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Our Branch “Welcomer” this year was Rose         Dolinski had brought more of his excellent
Daniells and she did a fantasƟc job giving out   brand new Carpathian Foundry fonts to sell
the goody bags that she and Chris had filled      and Anke Ueberberg with her leaf prinƟng
over the past few weeks with stuff sent by        factory kindly catered for any children that
branch members. First through the doors          appeared. Bob and Jane Edwards had set up
were Jean and Pat Swadling - yes, they were      their usual greeƟng cards and hand-made
first last year! - and they were soon followed    books, but there were also demonstraƟons
by other BPS members and by members of           of book-binding and hot foil prinƟng.
the public. Wokingham Methodist Centre           Richard Owen bucked the trend with his
is a mulƟ-use complex with a very large          demonstraƟon of fly fishing decoraƟon where
community café which was full by ten minutes     feathers are Ɵed around the hook to aƩract
past ten. With adverƟsing at all the entrances   the fish. Ok, it wasn’t prinƟng but it certainly
front and back, and in Wokingham town            aƩracted aƩenƟon.
centre, we “pulled” a lot of non-printers, just
curious as to what the BPS might be.             We also had some invited guest traders.
                                                 Tony Jewel filled two tables with tempƟng
Once again, Barry Gilbert and Chris Daniells     leƩerpress equipment. Peter ScarraƩ was
had tables piled with interesƟng second-hand     selling items on behalf of Amberley Museum
equipment. Paul Hatcher and Sarah & Richard      where he works. Finally, and by no means
BaƩyl did the same, except they had also         least, we were pleased to welcome back Roy
set up leƩerpress demonstraƟons. Andrew          Caslon, supported by Bob Richardson, who
                                                 were demonstraƟng an Adana 8 x 5 and other
   18                                            pieces of equipment.

                                                 The morning soon passed and the Community
                                                 Café closed, but it was then that Ann and
                                                 Barry Gilbert sprang into acƟon, with help
                                                 from other members, to offer ploughmans
                                                 lunches as well as tea, coffee and cake. This
                                                 proved very popular especially amongst
                                                 the stall holders who had talked and
                                                 demonstrated prinƟng for several hours non-
                                                 stop. Eventually, three o’clock came around
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