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had a good line in humorous cards which             MAIDENHEAD BRANCH OPEN DAY ͵
proved to be popular and amusing. Ron               27TH SEPTEMBER
Rookes was kept busy working the Adana high         THE BRANCH OPEN DAY at Wokingham
Speed, with a constant supply of charming           Methodist Centre meant an early start. If we
cat illustraƟons. Julie Alexander our origami       learned anything from the event last year, it is
expert produced printer’s hats for all and          that laying out a hall with tables in the correct
sundry (see illustraƟon). I must say that I felt a  posiƟons, unloading everything from the car
bit like Eric Gill, with my paper hat and newly
grown beard. On the Sunday we were joined           and seƫng up the stall, all takes Ɵme. This
by Pat Walker from the Aspen Press. We were         year we factored in one whole hour for seƫng
delighted to see her again, and she had some        up and by 10 o’clock, we were all ready.
exciƟng news that her press has recently            Altogether there were eleven stalls spread
acquired a Golding Pearl press, which we all        over 15 tables, an impressive amount for a not
look forward to seeing in due course.               over-generous space. What’s more, we had to
                                                    contend with flower arrangers coming in and
The country show which is huge in size              out preparing for the Harvest FesƟval the next
enjoyed a steady flow through of people of all       day. That was an unexpected complicaƟon but
ages, and I am glad to say that we had a vast       we smiled and shared the space, and we even
quanƟty of people who seemed genuinely              made some sales as people went past.
interested in what we were doing. Nostalgia
seemed to be a great moƟvator, and we
had people waxing lyrical about the John
Bull prinƟng ouƞit that they had enjoyed as
children. Many visitors said they had once
owned an Adana, and of course many had
actually had a career in the prinƟng trade,
so it was memory lane for a lot of happy
people. It was good to meet our latest recruit,
Thomas Lemon from Rainham. By far the most
rewarding response for our efforts came from
the younger age group. For young art students
it was an eye-opener to see leƩerpress in
all its glory, and it seems to be a very trendy
thing to do at the moment. “Oh cool!” was
the usual response when the younger children
printed an illustraƟon or stock block. The
magic of “the black art” does not seem to
have lost its appeal.

And so ended our latest and greatest effort.
Two days of leƩerpress delight, surrounded by
our society of friends. I think our liƩle society
has made many more friends and admirers for
the B.P.S. Long may it conƟnue.

                            Chris Brinson (10631)

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