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with an infecƟon acquired on holiday. We         The prinƟng equipment on display and
did our best at the decidedly damp show,         actually prinƟng (our show is a very hands- on
but it was not our finest hour. Fast forward      experience) consisted of a 1935 Adana high
a year, and what a difference. We returned        speed 2, an Adana 8x5, a 5x3 Adana jigged up
with a vengeance. A huge marquee filled           to do embossing, a lovely Adana Quarto flatbed
with five prinƟng presses and a team of           courtesy of John Alexander, and the prize
nine, all keen to do their best at spreading     exhibit, a 1900 Golding Pearl with flywheel,
the word that prinƟng can be great fun.          courtesy of The Crescent Card Co.

The Essex Country Show was spread over           Altogether it made an intriguing display and
two days on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th        we had much to offer in the way of printed
September, but an advance team consisƟng         keepsakes, souvenir pieces and cards with
of Len Friend, Ron and Margaret Rookes, and      local views.
Len’s son Colin, spent four hours on the Friday
preparing our pitch and erecƟng the marquee,     All our members had made a special effort
tables, etc.                                     with their printed give-aways. Chris. Brinson
                                                 was offering a handsome souvenir bookmark
Our team on the Saturday consisted of Len,       in red white and blue, complete with the
Chris. Brinson, Jenny Brinson John Alexander     society logo, and he had a popular novelty
and Julie Alexander, Ron Rookes, Margaret        in the form of an “Essex bookmark” in
Rookes and Colin Friend.                         “blingy” gold blue and scarlet. Len Friend
                                                 was offering a delighƞul cerƟficate in full
 16                                              colour which could be over printed with
                                                 the customer’s name. John Alexander had
                                                 an exquisite piece on the history of prinƟng
                                                 together with an illustraƟon of an historic
                                                 press which could be printed by the visitor
                                                 themselves on the Adana H.Q. John also
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