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We were of course shown samples of              ESSEX BRANCH REPORT ͵ SEPTEMBER
Frogmore Mill's interesƟng range of             The Essex Country Show, Barleylands. A Triumph!
promoƟonal papers, with examples                Rudyard Kipling once wrote in his famous poem If:
incorporaƟng materials such as shredded
banknotes, Wimbledon Centre Court grass           [...]“If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster,
cuƫngs and meadow                               And treat those two imposters just the same” [...]
seeds. The guide told us
that the elephant dung                          WELL, THE COMBINED MEMBERS of the
paper was the one that                          Essex Branch under their noble Leader Len
fascinated the youngsters                       Friend had done just that. Last year we
in the school parƟes the                        had planned to have two tents, doubling
most. Of course, it was                         the size of our normal exhibiƟon site, plus
the one that appealed to                        an array of prinƟng machines including a
the Lincolnshire Branch's                       treadle press complete with flywheel. Alas
collecƟve sense of                              fate decreed otherwise and Len was laid low
humour the most as well.

We were then treated
to a rather noisy
demonstraƟon of
mechanical paper making,
and the magic of seeing a
roll of paper appear from
the web of rollers perhaps
was even more magical than the hand made
paper demonstraƟon. We were also given
a tour of the large steam-driven fourdrinier
machine, which has sadly been out of use
for some years now.

A measure of how interesƟng the tour was
can probably be gauged by the fact that
this tour took over two hours, but it only
seemed as if it had taken us a fracƟon of
that Ɵme to see everything on show. Finally,
it was encouraging for the branch that nine
of us managed to make it all the way down
to Herƞordshire, and this has encouraged to
travel even farther afield in the future (there
was even talk of a trip to London someƟme
next year).

                        Mike Edwards (10374)

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