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BRANCH REPORTS                                  An added bonus for us was the fact that the
                                                     London Branch had chosen the same day
LINCS & DISTRICT BRANCH ͵ SEPTEMBER                  for their visit to Frogmore Mill, and both
Lincs & District Branch trip to Hemel—21st           branches gathered together to make one
September 2014                                       big group for the guided tour. It was a nice

    óÊ罗 ùÊç çù ƒ çݛ— ½Ê‘»ÃƒÝã›Ù ¥ÙÊÃ ã«®Ý ÃƒÄ͓

THESE DAYS IT TAKES SOMETHING VERY                   surprise to see them. The tour started with a
SPECIAL to tempt the members of the                  very slick introducƟon to hand paper making
Lincolnshire and District Branch to travel south     through a very interesƟng demonstraƟon.
of The Wash, so our September trip to Hemel          It was incredible to see the watery porridge
Hempstead really did need something out of           being turned into a sheet of paper in a maƩer
the ordinary to jusƟfy the long trek.                of minutes.

We weren't disappointed, and Frogmore
Mill in Apsely was everything we'd hoped it
would be. The mill is sƟll a working mill, and
is the oldest mechanised mill in the world.
This is a fact easily forgoƩen now that the site
is surrounded by modern flats (in the aptly
named Fourdrinier Way), and is the ideal place
for an introducƟon to the history and pracƟce
of paper manufacture.

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