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What are these two ladies doing and what is
the name of the equipment they are using -
and who made it and when? Answers sent by
the 10th of the month to the: or sparƟcles@

WELL DONE Geoff HuleƩ (6951) who said:
According to my 1915 hard back book of
wood leƩer and printer's joinery this is a Self
feeding eyeleƫng machine,fiƩed with treadle.
An insert on page 5 of this book reads.....
Owing to the war,invoices for Printers'
Sundries will be surcharged 10 per cent unƟl
further noƟce. Typical SB...always quick to
upliŌ prices! July 3rd 1915.

Ian Camm (4108) idenƟfied it correctly as
being almost idenƟcal to his SwiŌ machine
(pictured right): Screwed to a bench it was
treadle operated via a connecƟng rod on the
floor. Eyelet size is no. 8.

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