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    Dear Editor, I have been looking back at
    the excellent magazines that have been
    published in recent months. The August
    issue contained an interesƟng arƟcle by
    Chris Green about a proposed Knowledge
    Database. BPS members, have you
    responded? If not, I do commend that you
    consider it. If everyone in the Society did
    so, just imagine how useful it would be
    when trying to troubleshoot problems.
    I someƟmes wonder if I am the only
    member using an HP4550C colour laser,
    and if not, where they obtain reasonably
    priced supplies and what glitches they have
    found with the latest Win 7 / PLC 6 driver?
    A digital BPS database of equipment and
    skills in the Members Area could be very
    useful, although I concede there might be
    some operaƟonal challenges about keeping
    it up-to-date
    Of course, if you are wanƟng technical
    help, then a posƟng on the BPS Forum
    might achieve a faster result, if only a
    bigger proporƟon of the membership were
    using the Forum regularly. In the past, a
    simple leƩer in Small Printer would have
    sufficed, but these days, it seems that
    everyone wants informaƟon more instantly,
    and I am no excepƟon.

                           Bob Edwards (9527)

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