Page 11 - November 2014
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4 3), clamped by the outer edge and revolved
                                                              around so that the spine edges can be fanned
                                                              out. With all the page edges showing to a
                                                              depth of up to 1 mm, PVA glue is applied
                                                              and spread evenly around the fanned edges
                                                              (figure 4). Then the book is stood up, with the
                                                              spine uppermost, and the pages are squeezed
                                                              together (figure 5). The block is transferred
                                                              back into the book press and clamped so that
                                                              the spine is just showing by around 5 mm.
                                                              Some scrap card is placed either side of the
                                                              block before it is clamped, to keep the press

6 from being covered in glue (figure 6). More
                                                              PVA glue is applied to the spine and allowed
                                                              to dry. When the block is removed from the
                                                              press, the pages should stay together on their
                                                              own, but it is important not to open them as
                                                              they will sƟll be fragile.

                                                              If a batch of say, four books were processed
                                                              together, they are separated at this stage as
                                                              soon as the glue has dried. The spine needs
                                                              reinforcing but a book with only fiŌy pages is
                                                              not worth sƟtching, so staples are used. My
                                                              method, and I’m sure there are others, is to
                                                              fire 6 mm staples through the spine about
                                                              5 mm from the edge. I usually insert five
                                                              staples per side, then turn the book over and
                                                              insert another five staples. A gentle tap with
                                                              a hammer will ensure that all the staples are
                                                              flush, then a final end paper is glued front
                                                              and back. The book block is completely glued
                                                              and capable of withstanding any amount of
                                                              pulling. The pages will not come apart!

                                                              The book block is now ready to receive its
                                                              cover and for hot melt glue to be used to
                                                              ensure the cover stays in place. Another trip
                                                              to the electric guilloƟne is necessary. The
                                                              book is protected with scrap A5 paper and
                                                              trimmed on all three sides to give a clean,
                                                              smooth finish. A book is born!

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