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from the days when they were hung in the                                           DIARY
widows of local tramcars; also long narrow
posters for over the Ɵcket kiosk which were                           6 March .........Maidenhead Branch
printed on the Stanhope hand-press. As the                            Bob Edwards, Crookham Village,
colour had to be changed on the Wharfedale                            Hampshire
at least once a week, this meant liŌing out
the heavy forme rollers, the smaller (but sƟll                        15 March .......Surrey & Sussex Branch
heavy) distribuƟng rollers, and cleaning the                          Open Day
large ink table. As a small 9-stone youngster,
this was hard work and I hated it. Feeding                            19 March .......Dorset Branch AGM
the large quad crown MF (machine-finished)                             Monymusk House Stud, Whitcombe,
poster paper by hand required skill and it took                       Dorchester. 7:30pm
Ɵme to acquire the knack of liŌing the sheet
by one corner then flicking it so that an air-                         27 March .......South Wales Branch
cushion was formed which allowed the sheet                            Bookbinding techniques pracƟcal evening.
to float down to the front and side lays – at                          Ron has kindly agreed to demonstrate
800 sheets per hour!                                                  some bookbinding techniques. All
                                                                      members will be invited to try their hand
The smaller Wharfedale (idenƟcal to the one                           at binding a miniature book
illustrated here) could take an 8-page demy
forme. It had wooden roller bearers and                               8 April ...........Maidenhead Branch
face-down flyer delivery. Its fixed speed was                           Chris Daniells, High Wycombe
around 1000 sheets per hour, so it required
nimble hand feeding. It was a flat-bed of early                        16 April..........Dorset Branch 2014
construcƟon (c.1870) and only had spring                              Monymusk House Stud, Whitcombe,
hooks to keep the forme rollers in place.                             Dorchester. 7:30pm

The favourite machine for smaller jobs – and                          25 -27 April....BPS Annual ConvenƟon
the only one capable of decently prinƟng                              Bournemouth
halŌone blocks – was the pre-war Heidelberg
automaƟc platen. OperaƟng this was the                                13 May ..........Maidenhead Branch
prerogaƟve of one of the proprietors who sat                          Richard Owen, Cookham, Berkshire
in a chair watching the ‘windmill’ grippers
delivering the printed sheets at around 2500                          13 May ..........Surrey & Sussex Branch
i.p.h. SomeƟmes, especially if a job contained                        meeƟng: Adrian Towler
numbering boxes, say raffle Ɵckets, my job
would be to stand by the delivery table to                            29 May ..........Surrey & Sussex Branch
check that the numbering was working. Whilst                          Paper Mill visit in Ebbw Vale
so occupied, my boss (sƟll siƫng in his chair)
would give me spelling tests from a baƩered                                         ƒãã›Äã®ÊÄ
copy of NuƩall’s DicƟonary that he kept on an                                     ěó ÛЛÙÝ
adjacent window cill. Occasionally, if I got a
spelling wrong, he would give me a clout with                             If you are new to the Society and want to find out
the afore-menƟoned book! He also revelled                                about your local Branch, or if you want to start up a
in finding unusual names from it for me, his
favourite being ‘a long-armed colobus’.                                        new Branch in your area, please contact:
                                                                               Bob Edwards Tel: 01252 615439 or
                                                        ‘ÊÄã®Äç›Ý...          email:

                                                                             GROW A BRANCH
                                                                              IN YOUR AREA!

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