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BRANCH REPORTS                             cope with the weight of the Heidelberg, we
                                                 keep wondering, and how on earth did you
MAIDENHEAD BRANCH ͷ JANUARY                      manage to remove the press at the end of the
                                                 lease? The evening ended with more social
It was great to see so many branch members       chit-chat over refreshments kindly provided by
and partners at the Annual Lunch held at The     Dorothy and meeƟng concluded rather earlier
Bird-in-Hand Inn on the 18th January, and        than usual so that Tim and Janet could drive
especially the newer members. We
were delighted to be able to welcome             ½›¥ã ãÊ Ù®¦«ã: Öƒç½ «ƒã‘«›Ù, ã®Ã «ÊÄÄÊÙ, Ù®‘«ƒÙ— Êó›Ä,
David and Heather to the meeƟng,                 Ê ›—óƒÙ—Ý ƒÄ— —ÊÙÊã«ù Ýù—›Ä«ƒÃ.
and I believe we had 14 people in all. I
think the lunch was a success; we had            back to Luton Airport. Even that drive was fun
plenty to talk about and did not finish           despite it being a dark, wet night with lashing
unƟl 3.30 pm. I thought the food was             rain. I offered to escort our visitors along the
quite reasonable and well organised;             back roads to get onto the M40 at juncƟon 6
we even had liƩle name cards with                and they followed me all the way to juncƟon 4,
our choices wriƩen out for us. As I              where I hived off to travel back to Hampshire.
can never remember what I order in               There we were, two Fiat Pandas, my red one
advance, this was parƟcularly useful,            and their hired white one, exchanging friendly
although I kept placing the card round           honks of the horn and flashing of lights. It
the wrong way so that the waiƟng staff            was like a third remake of “The Italian Job”
could not see it—apparently it was for           starring Pandas instead of Minis! We really are
their benefit not mine! But what do you           “a Society of Friends”. Thanks Tim for a great
think? Should we repeat this next year?          evening.
Same place? Same Ɵme? Do let us know.            The next Maidenhead Branch meeƟng will
                                                 be at Advantage Press in Crookham Village,
                           Paul Hatcher (10648)  Hampshire GU51 5SH on Thursday 6th March
                                                 at 8 pm. It will be a business meeƟng to discuss
MAIDENHEAD BRANCH ͷFEBRUARY                      the Open Day to be held in the autumn.
                                                 Visitors are welcome.
The February Branch get-together was a great
liƩle meeƟng! It was great because we had a                                  Bob Edwards (10374)
guest speaker and a jolly good Ɵme, and liƩle
because we were a select few in numbers, due                                                                15
to the far-flung venue and the early start Ɵme.
We met at Dorothy Sydenham’s in Thame,
Oxfordshire on Tuesday 4th February and our
guest was cdr Tim Honnor (5578) who, with his
wife Janet, came along to give an illustrated
talk about their Ɵme with Piccolo Press.
Because of the cosy numbers, the meeƟng
was very relaxed and rather than a talk, we
had quite an in-depth discussion about events,
machines and personaliƟes. Tim had a whale
of a Ɵme showing us pictures of the fantasƟc
work that Piccolo Press produced over the
years, augmented of course with the inevitable
Naval yarn. In Dartmouth, how did the floor
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