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                                                  A few contrasts are:
                                                   ½ƒ‘» ƒÄ— óƒÙà ÙÊóÄ ò®Ê½›ã ƒÄ— փ½› ¦Ù››Ä

Keeping Cases Clean: Dust is a great foe          ò®Ê½›ã ƒÄ ½®¦«ã ÙÊݛ  —››Ö ½ç› ƒÄ— ¦Ê½—›Ä
to types, as well as to the comfort of the        ‘ʽÊçÙ                ÙÊóÄ
compositors. No sane person would think of                              —››Ö ٛ— ƒÄ— ¦Ù›ù
throwing sand upon a forme to be ground           ‘«Ê‘ʽƒã› ƒÄ— Ù®¦«ã
into the types. Yet the damage is                 ½ç›                  —››Ö ½ç› ƒÄ— ֮Ļ
proporƟonately as great when cases and
types in constant use are allowed to              ÃÙÊÊÄ ƒÄ— óƒÙà       ÃÙÊÊÄ ƒÄ— —››Ö ½ç›
accumulate dust to be ground against the          ¦Ù››Ä
faces of the types by the shaking of them up,                           ½ƒ‘» ƒÄ— óƒÙà ¦Ù››Ä
the jarring consequent upon the conƟnual          ‘«Ê‘ʽƒã› ƒÄ— ֛ƒ
touching of the fingers in the case in             ¦Ù››Ä
composiƟon, and the repeated fricƟon that
comes from use. It is a maƩer of economy to       ‘½ƒÙ›ã ƒÄ— ç¥¥
have cases blown out at least once a week,
and piece hands will make money by keeping        White Marks on Blue Paper: These can be
their cases free of dust by the increased         obtained by using a soluƟon made by simply
amount of work they will be enabled to do.        dissolving soda in water nearly to saturaƟon,
                                                  using the same as ink, with either a steel pen
Black Ink on Coloured Paper: When using           for wriƟng or a drawing pen for lines. the lines
black ink on a Ɵnted ground or on coloured        come out white instantly.
paper, it is necessary to observe that the black
changes colour in many instances, or loses        To Clean Brass Rules: When verdigris gathers
its intensity. Printed on a blue ground, its      on the face of brass rule, and it won't print
strength and power are lost; on red, it appears   sharp, take a liƩle diluted oxalic acid and was
dark green; on orange, it takes a slightly blue   the face -never scrape it with a knife.
hue; on yellow, it turns violet; on violet, it
has a green-yellow shade; and on green, it        Spots on Engravings: A few drops of ammonia
appears as a reddish grey. Printers should take   in a cupful of warm rain water, carefully
heed of these peculiariƟes of black, or they      applied with a sponge, will remove these.
may find their work worthless when done.
                                                  ProtecƟon of Eyes in Proof Reading: A piece
Set-off Sheets: a sheet of paper wet               of fine green glass laid on the proof is a relief
with glycerine and used as a tympan-              to the eyesight.
sheet will prevent offseƫng. This will be
found beƩer than using oiled sheets.              LETTERPRESS
                                                  EQUIPMENT WANTED
Blending of Colours: The laws if harmonious
colouring are a necessary part of the             Adana 8x5's or similar
knowledge of printers in colours.                          also type

                                                  COCLALSEHCTOINON      S.E.England Area

                                                                        0844 4484386

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