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NAME THE TYPEFACE ? 13                            most famous as the typeface that
                                                  Barack Obama used for his presidenƟal
                                                  campaign in 2008. The connecƟon
                                                  with the lower line of serif type, is that
                                                  Obama originally used Perpetua for his
                                                  campaign before adopƟng Gotham. In
                                                  fact Obama’s original Obama ’08 logo
                                                  uses Perpetua with Gill Sans. In 2012
                                                  H&FJ deisgned a serif version of Gotham
                                                  especially for the President. Mike
                                                  Edwards (λκνρξ).

                                                  George Web (ομπο) provided an
                                                  interesƟng answer: The Sans Serif is
                                                  similar to the Houschka Alt Pro type
                                                  range designed by Nick Cooke. Now for
                                                  the connecƟon. AŌer graduaƟng from
                                                  Blackpool & Fylde College, Nick Cooke
                                                  started working at David Cox Studio as a
                                                  leƩering arƟst. David Cox was the great
                                                  nephew of Eric Gill who was, of course,
                                                  the designer of Perpetua, the second
                                                  typeface in the compeƟƟon. So, I am
                                                  incorrect, but I thought the connecƟon
                                                  was a nice bit of research!

   Please email this months answer before         ÖÙ®Äã›ÙÝ ó›Ù› ùÊçĦ ®Ä 㫛ݛ —ƒùÝ...
   the 10th to: or

  Can you name this unusual typeface?

   Pat Swadling (10453) has wriƩen to ask
   what typeface these iniƟals are. She recently
   bought them in a sale and was surprised at
   the number of bidders!

1 2 Last month’s answer was Gotham (top
       and body text). Designed by Tobias
Frere-Jones, and released by H&FJ (Hoeer &
Frere-Jones) in 2000. Although it was originally
designed for GQ Magazine, it is probably

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