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Peter White (10385)


ON HOLIDAY in Hawai'i last summer we              The story we parƟcularly enjoyed was that,
were surprised to see, on a holiday island,       because the Hawai'ian language required
a road sign to "The PrinƟng Museum". This         frequent use of a lower case 'k' there were
clearly deserved invesƟgaƟon and we were          never sufficient sorts in a standard American
ulƟmately rewarded with an insight into           case. This deficiency could be remedied—but
Hawai'ian culture and language. It provided       delivery of addiƟonal 'k's' could take more than
for us welcome relief from all pervasive tourist  six months.
enjoyable                                               This delay was perhaps great news for
as some of                                              any members of the Slow PrinƟng Society
them are.                                               who always relish the opportunity to get a
                                                        'Round Tuit' taking ages to complete a job.
arrived from                                             We were also introduced to a punctuaƟon
New England                                              mark called the 'Okina' in which the
in 1820 to                                               sound of a word is changed by the
find that                                                 requirement for a gloƩal stop—a slight
there was                                                 pause in the pronunc-iaƟon of a word
no wriƩen
language.                                                                                 combined with
Their first                                                                                a slight intake
task was to                                                                              of air. This is
establish an alphabet                                                                    represented, in
to accurately reflect                                                                     printed maƩer,
the sounds of the                                                                        by the use of a
naƟve language. A                                                                        single comma
seventeen-leƩer                                                                         as seen in the
alphabet (later                                                                         above Ɵtle.
reduced to twelve)
became the tool                                                                         Another
by which prinƟng and                                                                    curiosity is that
educaƟon could commence. The Hale Pa'i                                                 the Hawai'ian
prinƟng museum on the island of Maui is                                                flag features a
housed in a seminary constructed in 1831.         Union Jack placed in the top corner—although
                                                  the islands were never part of the BriƟsh
Most of the exhibits are historical displays      Empire. The story is that the King of Hawai'i
recording the "educaƟonal enlightenment"          admired George 111 and the Union Flag so
offered to naƟves. There are period presses,       much that he so inserted it into the
formes and cases of type but sadly none           Hawai'ian flag.
in use. Staffing is enƟrely by volunteers—
docents in the USA.                               ãÊÖ Ö®‘ãçٛ: 㫛 ʽ— كæ› ÖٛÝÝ Ϗϖϑϒ óƒÝ Ý«®Ö֛— ¥ÙÊÃ
                                                  «ÊÄʽç½ç ƒÄ— ®ÄÝヽ½›— ÊÄ ‘ƒÃÖçÝ ®Ä ƒ Ýý½ 㫃㑫›— ÙÊÊ¥
                                                  ç®½—®Ä¦. Ýã痛ÄãÝ ó›Ù› ãƒç¦«ã «Êó ãÊ Ý›ã ãù֛, Ê֛ك㛠㫛
                                                  ÖٛÝÝ, ‘Ù›ƒã› ‘ÊÖ֛٠›Ä¦Ùƒò®Ä¦Ý ƒÄ— ®Ä— ÊÊ»Ý. ƒÊò›: 㫛
                                                  ÖÙ®Äã®Ä¦ ÃçÝç›Ã ›ø«®®ã®ÊÄ ÙÊÊÃ.

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