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to print rules around the circumference of the     NAME THE PRESS? 13
drum. There was a company in Lower Thames
Street that supplied everything connected       This Ɵme we have a slightly different type
with the machine and would make blocks          of press. Please let us know what it is and
to fit onto the drum. Typeseƫng was done         who might have made it by the 10th of the
using a sƟck like a slot from the drum and      month, to the or
a machine was available that released type      sparƟ
in the right order, rather like a cut-down
linotype magazine. The workshop that did        1 2 This was an easier press to name,
our work was an offshoot of a large company
and they probably used the machine for          being a Heidelberg Cylinder KS 15" x 20.5",
sales leƩers in the first place. It evolved      the smallest that Heidelberg made.
into a general prinƟng department with          The press was made in 1960 and were great
spare capacity and that is how they came to     leƩerpress printers, but more oŌen nowadays
do our jobs. They had six machines and all      used for cuƫng and creasing. InteresƟngly,
the ancillary equipment that was available.     the supply and delivery parts were much the
You would loose any prejudice against the       same as the Heidelberg GTO litho presses.
machine if you saw the workshop and the         CONGRATULATIONS to Len Friend (8988)
finished work.                                   who, although thought it might be a post
                                                1967 model, suggested it could be a KS. And
Finding anything about it on the web is         David Bender (10644) who merely said it was
complicated by the many people who confuse      made by Heidelberg, and so was right too!
it with the litho machine made by the same
company and other uses the name has been
put to, but there are some useful links. There
is a thread on the Briar Press site, complete
with negaƟve comments;


and one enthusiast's account of his liking for
the machine;

It is quite possible that a member somewhere
sƟll has and uses a MulƟgraph. Now is the
Ɵme to own up and let us have some details.
We promise not to smile.
I would parƟcularly like to know more about
the seƫng machine

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