Page 9 - June 2014
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BOOK REVIEW                                      concerƟna booklet. What, and destroy this
                                                 excellent piece? Fraid not!

        HE BPS PUBLISHING GROUP HAS              John Easson takes PrinƟng in Miniature quite
                                                 literally, seƫng his page about the Lord’s
         PRODUCED THE COOPERATIVE                Prayer cut onto a 12pt em by those punch-
                                                 cuƫng wizards at Monotype, in 6pt Eurostyle
        ANNUAL BOOKLET KNOWN AS SMALL            Extended, a perfect impression on Mellotex
                                                 too. He prints a legible rendiƟon of a similar
        PRINTING FOR MANY YEARS BUT FROM         cuƫng by Nebiolo of the Ave Maria cut on a
                                                 12 pt em at the boƩom of his page.
GROUP ANNUAL. THIS YEAR THE THEME                So far, the pages have been leƩerpress.
IS PRINTING IN MINIATURE, AN A5                  However, Mike Elliston resorts to scanning
LANDSCAPE WIRE-O BOUND PRODUCTION                his miniature newspaper called the Daily
WITH FIFTEEN CONTRIBUTORS.                       Mimer from 1961 and prinƟng this eight-pager

ALAN BRIGNULL’S page is beauƟfully set
and printed leƩerpress in a number of sizes
of Stephenson Blake’s Modern #20. He finds
himself limited by the size of his press so he
has resorted to concentraƟng on prinƟng

small ephemera such as ‘postage stamps’ and               ƒ½ƒÄ Ù®¦Äç½½ ΄½›¥ã΅ ƒÄ—  ›½½®ÝãÊÄ ΄ƒÊò›΅ ݃ÃÖ½› փ¦›Ý
similar. Peter Criddle has a miniature alphabet
printed from his wide ranging collecƟon                 digitally. I’m not surprised, for seƫng this
of stock blocks and cuts, both ancient and              piece today, handset mainly in 7pt Times
modern. He invites the reader to remove his             Roman, would be quite a challenge. This
page and cut it into folded strips to make a            newspaper even had a crossword puzzle,
                                                        set in 8pt square border units!

                                                        Another contributor, Paul Hatcher,
                                                       invites readers to remove his pages from
                                                 the volume and cut them up. By following
                                                 the instrucƟons a miniature book, exquisitely
                                                 set in Stephenson Blake’s Verona and skilfully
                                                 illustrated in colour by a collecƟon of border
                                                 units and swashes, can be the result. Again I
                                                 prefer to leave this PG Annual whole.

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