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Simon Smallwood (10451)


device for pulling it apart diagonally had been  at once, about 20 at a Ɵme. The prototype
difficult and could I please do something to       weighed 1.75kg but with all the av each
make it easier. For the final casƟng I made it    one used about 3.5kg of iron.
come apart on rails.
                                                 Having told my potenƟal customers of a
I was disturbed by the bill for the prototype,   new quotaƟon of £65 each (this Ɵme not an
£68.08, instead of £30 to £40 which had been     esƟmate) all bar one dropped out. I added 2 for
esƟmated by the MD when I first saw him.          myself and placed the order. Eventually they cast
Unfortunately he was away sick, so I just had    them and now I have 3 idenƟcal chases, ideal for
to pay up. I told the ProducƟon Manager that I   3 colour work, and one happy customer. (5)
regarded it as an advance payment for a bigger
producƟon run. He agreed that he didn't see      If anyone knows a suitable foundry to make
why they could not do them for nearer the        some more at a beƩer price, please let me
esƟmate if they cast a full crucible’s worth     know. My email address is:

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