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LETTERPRESS                                                  MEMBERSHIP
                                                  ěó ÛЛÙÝ:
Adana 8x5's or similar                            10736 SMITH, Mr D. Vivid LaminaƟng
         also type                                Technologies Limited, St George’s House,
                                                  Whitwick Road, Coalville. LE67 3FA
                                                  10737 CATTERMOUL, Mr A. 7 Mays Lane,
                  0844 4484386                    Avening, Tetbury, Gloucestershire. GL8 8NX

                                                  ‘«ƒÄ¦› Ê¥ ƒ——Ù›ÝÝ:
                                                  10698 ANDRESS, Ms C. 15 Park CoƩages,
                                                  The Street, Gosfield, Halstead. CO9 1TJ

                                                  6838 Mrs D. Sydenham | 10149 Mr M. Heath

                                                              SMALL ADS

                                                  Twenty trays of type of different sizes,
                                                  wooden furniture etc. available free of charge
                                                  to someone who will take the lot. Also an
                                                  Ideal hand guilloƟne, just working but needs
                                                  reassembly. Heavy to handle. David Huxtable
                                                  (8002), Chichester. Telephone: 01243 783663,

RISOGRAPH DIGITAL PRINTER                         All Founders Type: Spartan 5/6 , 6pt, 10 pt &
                                                  12pt Large and Small Faces. 12 Galleys, 2Ō 7"
  SIMPLE – FAST – COST-EFFECTIVE                  with farly old cabinet. Several large galleys.
                                                  4 Double cases of brass, leads and furniture.
     New & Refurbished Machines always available  Please come and have a look; Paul Davies,
          SERVICE – INK – MASTERS                 70 Benmead Road, Kidlington, OX5 2AX.
                                                  Telephone 01865 373633 or email
 T 02380 330611 E for appointment.
                                                  Pantone formula ink mixing scales, will tell
 COLOUR                                           you what colours to mix and weigh them to
   COPIERS                                        produce the correct Pantone colour. £250.
     ALWAYS                                       Contact: Dave Bender T-01708458100 or

22                                                Thompson Auto Platen: Pack of rubber sucƟon
                                                  caps for feeder bar. Free to good home, will
                                                  post. Contact: Jack Raglan on 01434 321743.
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