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Any other business:
                                                   Liz Nelson thanked
                                                   the EC for all the
                                                   work that they
                                                   put in year aŌer
                                                   year and for Small
                                                   Printer that was
                                                   excellent now that
                                                   it was in full colour.

The President explained that Len Friend and                                        Pat Swadling
Roderic Findlay had decided not to seek            echoed Liz Nelson’s words and thanked Tim
re-elecƟon. They were both thanked for the         Honnor, Giles Edwards and Kim Lowe for the
work they had put into being a Councillor for      excellent work that they have done with Small
many years.                                        Printer.

In addiƟon to these nominaƟons the ExecuƟve        Tin Honnor thanked them for their comments
Council will include:                              and asked if members could supply arƟcles or
• A representaƟve from the 2013 ConvenƟon          leƩers to publish.

   (to present the final accounts)                  A quesƟon was raised if Small Printer could
• A representaƟve from the 2014 ConvenƟon          be sent by email. It was said that the EC had
                                                   discussed this a number of Ɵmes and being a
10. Future Conventions                             PrinƟng Society felt that the magazine should
10.1 ConvenƟon 2015 would be in Montrose           be in paper form. It was possible to put back
(a change from last year's Minutes) and run        issues in the members area of the website.
by the Scotland Branch. John Easson and Tim        A quesƟon was also asked for an index of
Honnor gave a brief outline.                       arƟcles going back to the beginning to go on
No branch had yet made an offer for any future      the website.
                                                   There being no further business the meeƟng
11. Closing remarks                                closed at 16.33hrs.
Due to the fact that several people were unable
to aƩend the Dinner or stay aŌer, the President
made the following presentaƟons:

Beatrice Ward Trophy....... Ron Prosser            LETTERPRESS POLYMER
President’s Award............. Mrs Liz Nelson MBE       BLOCKMAKING

Ron Prosser then made presentaƟons on behalf
of the Publishing Group:

Publishing Group Cup....... Alan Brignall          24 Hour service. SAE for brochure to:
Publishing Group Award... Peter White.
                                                     Peacock, 6 William Street,
The President said that Tony Jewell had done       Berkhamstead, Herts. HP4 2EL
an excellent job of AdverƟsing Manager. He
now wished to relinquish the post. If anyone              Tel. 01442 872956
was interested in taking over, speak to Tony or
the President.

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