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These are DraŌ Minutes. They will be agreed   more Ɵme to digest the figures, in future the
by the Society at the Annual General MeeƟng   accounts be made available prior to the AGM.
in April 2015.                                Proposed by Gwen Harper and Seconded by Liz
                                              Nelson. Carried.
Present: Chris Green President in the chair
and 36 members in aƩendance. The President    6. Annual Subscription for 2014/15
welcomed members to the 2014 Annual           The Treasurer explained that the accounts
General MeeƟng and thanked the members        in the coming year are likely to produce a
of Dorset Branch for organising a successful  small deficit but that with the present state of
weekend.                                      funds this could be acceptable for one year.
                                              The ExecuƟve Council had agreed that the
1. Apologies for absence                      subscripƟon would remain unchanged at £27
Apologies had been received from seven        (£42 for Overseas Members).
members. Members stood in silence in
memory of Donald Howells and Muriel           7. Appointment of Independent
Smallwood who had died since the 2013 AGM.    Examiner
As this year is the 70th Anniversary of the   Michael Lewis was willing to conƟnue as
founding of the Society members were asked    Independent Examiner and it was proposed
to remember any other members who had         that he be reappointed.
passed away known to them.                    This was accepted unopposed.

2. Minutes of the Annual General              8. Election of Honorary Members
Meeting held on 13th April 2013 at            It was the recommendaƟon of the ExecuƟve
the Holiday Inn, Colchester                   Council that Dorothy Sydenham, Jean and
It was proposed that these Minutes be         Ron Watson be re-elected for a further three
adopted as a true record of the 2013 AGM.     years. In addiƟon the ExecuƟve Council
Proposed by Pat Swadling and Seconded by      asked the meeƟng to agree to adding Mrs Liz
Dorothy Sydenham. Carried.                    Nelson MBE and Roderic Findlay as Honorary
                                              Members for three years.
3. Matters arising from the Minutes           This was accepted with acclamaƟon.
There were no maƩers arising.
                                              9. Election of Executive Council for
4. The Annual Report of the Society           2014/15
for 2013                                      The following nominaƟons had been received:
This had been published in the March 2014     (see chart, next page).
ediƟon of Small Printer.
                                              No nominaƟons had been received for
5. Accounts and Balance Sheet for             Councillor and in accordance with Rule 24,
2013                                          the EC had agreed to appoint the following as
The accounts, which had been printed in       Councillors: Paul Hatcher, Jean Watson and
the AGM booklet were presented by the         Ron Watson.
Treasurer who then answered quesƟons. It      These appointments were agreed
was suggested that in order to give members   unanimously.

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